Redefining the business of corporate gifts

Right from large corporate gift buyers who are genuinely sourcing for now promotional merchandise and corporate gifts, to wholesalers and retailers from all over India, looking for networking and new business opportunities visit the Giftex venue. It won’t be different this year in Mumbai, with the keenly awaited premier corporate gifting event just round the corner! What are the reasons that are driving the corporate gifting industry?

With strong winds of globalization blowing around and the clouds of slowdown gradually withering, corporate India has become more brand conscious and savvy. Sales strategies are now universal in approach, and as it is the practice world over, Promotional Merchandise and gifts alongside premiums are now integral aspects of their sales strategy.

The gifting business has progressively been redefined. Today any product could be seen as a corporate gift depending upon various factors and the multiple choices available to the giver. Gifting business has the potential of touching an annual turnover of thousands of crores.

Simultaneously, corporate gifting has penetrated into the personal realm of the receiver.The most reliable Gifting industry event. Corporate gifting business, as stated above, has a potential of being a lucrative business domain. Keeping this in mind, Giftex has positioned itself as India’s most powerful and prominent exhibition for the industry, keen to play the role of catalyst in the development of the corporate gift business.

Now in its 26th year, Giftex with its proven capabilities provides exhibitors with three exhibition, 2 in Mumbai and 1 in Bangalore. The biggest names and innovative exhibitors with quality products and cutting edge designs come to the exhibition venue in full force because of its ability to attract more and more Buyers, Wholesalers, Retailers and Traders from all over India.

To become a major player in the corporate gifting business reserve your booth at the Giftex summer show. Find more customers, establish new contacts and reconnect with your current clients and create a presence for yourself in this niche arena…

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Gifting knowledge and inspiration

At a delicate and defining stage of their life and career, teenage students need proper grasping of the events happening around them. They also need resources to properly process the deluge of information that will stand them in good stead as they get ready for the challenges ahead. Books and publications, which help and guide them in this process, will make the most precious gift.

Each edition of Manorama Yearbook, invariably more than a 1000-page volume, is designed and projected as a special general knowledge resource, which offers students, quizzers and scholars a great deal of new and updated information. It can make the perfect gift since it’s a handy learning aid that has also progressively become informative every year. As a record of the year gone by, the yearbooks is an elegant summary and ready reckoner. A yearbook is easier to refer to and more credible as well.

One cannot really deny the fact that digital resources are more widely and easily accessible – on laptops, desktops and even on mobile devices. However, they cannot fully substitute the joy of checking the facts physically by going through a book. And that’s exactly what a yearbook will do for a diehard reader or a knowledge seeker. Apart from being highly, they present information in an easily digestible format.

For example, serving as a rich database of general knowledge, the Competition Success Review (CSR) maintains that it is the only publication, which has promoted and stuck to the concept of positive thinking. It mentions: “The idea of success is so deeply embedded with the ethos of CSR that the reader is motivated to focus on the goal and put in his best. You dream success; you live success and ultimately achieve it.” Staying tuned to the changing times CSR offers an outlet to the changing world and our country. CSR yearbook and other Genera Knowledge (GK) books make a thoughtful gift for the career-minded students who are on the verge of entering a new challenging world.

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A comprehensive elegant yearbook courtesy Scholastic

Sifting through a yearbook not so long ago was an enjoyable ritual keenly awaited. It would tell us about the important events in the year gone by – sporting records, revolutions, natural disasters, political happenings and so on. Though with the advent of Internet, their prominence has diminished a touch, for genuine book lovers who relish general information, something like the Scholastic Yearbook 2013 can be a good gift. Budhaditya Bhattacharya of The Hindu narrates in article what makes it interesting:

  • The year 2012 began with the sinking of the Costa Concordia where 30 people died and more than 60 were injured, a massive power outage in India, the Olympics, new Presidents in India, Egypt and France, Hurricane Sandy and the re-election of Barack Obama. The yearbook tells you all this in more detail with accompanying illustrations by animation filmmaker Priya Kurian.
  • “Visual breaks make information more palatable and the yearbook’s layout is geared towards breaking the tedium of the text with the help of illustrations,” Tina Narang, the managing editor of Scholastic states. “We commission various subject experts and journalists to write for the Yearbook…and Yearbook 2013 has a particularly long line-up. There is a financial journalist with a round-up of the economy, a Supreme Court advocate on the landmark Indian court judgements, a fashion journalist on the latest from the world of fashion.”
  • The tedium of the text is also broken by dividing it into distinct categories such as sports, entertainment, science and environment. Apart from data about the year 2012, the book also provides a timeline of India and the world, an overview of the states and countries respectively, and lists important office bearers. Naturally, such an effort couldn’t have been one person’s handiwork.
  • Some of the contributors are Jaya Bhattacharji Rose, an independent publishing consultant, Brinda Miller, director of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai and Amrita Lahiri, a Mumbai based Kuchipudi dancer, among others.
  • The yearbook ends with a series of ‘top ten’ lists — of famous monuments, population densities, richest countries, and most spoken languages. The book is intended for students and general knowledge aficionados, but can the utility of the yearbook, as an object, withstand the pressures of the internet, which has arguably spawned a new kind of nerd?

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Gag gifts for an element of fun

Everyone gets them, everyone gives them, and everyone enjoys them. Yes, we are talking about gorgeous, gregarious gag gifts. But is there any appropriate time, an occasion or a mood that is just right for gag gifts? This is what exactly we are going discuss. Especially these are appropriate for gifting to some of your fun-loving employees and business friends, with whom you can first try them out… Read More

Ideas for good golf-oriented gifts

Sport and corporate worlds are now closely interlinked from point of view of brand building and bond building. The game of golf now clearly boasts a celebrity status. You can be on course to some serious networking and branding exercise since so many high-profile people nowadays swing their arms at a golf course. If you are keen to boost business bonds by finding that perfect golf gift, here is bit of a backgrounder plus some valuable tips! Read More

Spotlight on upcoming GIFTEX exhibition

Wholesalers and retailers of Gifts, Stationery and Home Products are amongst India’s most versatile entrepreneurs who do multiple businesses, depending on the season, right from school supplies to office stationery, greeting cards, gifts and houseware. These traders have an uncanny business ability to change with the seasons. Set-up and nurtured by Giftex, these entrepreneurs visit the exhibition looking for new products, services and networking opportunities. Read More