‘The World of the Gift’

In today’s competitive age highly dominated by rampant consumerism, regulations and formal expressions, many people feel altruism and generosity either are essentially fuelled by blatant self-interest or they no longer really exist. Gifts are often seen as, irrelevant frills, at best. These are the notions that author Jacques T. Godbout strives to rectify in a thought-provoking document, titled ‘The World of the Gift’, written in collaboration with writer Alain Caillé. Read More

Etiquettes of greeting and gift giving in the UK

Let us follow some important gift giving etiquette norms in the country. The British people tend to exchange gifts quite frequently between close friends and family members on personal and social festive occasions like Christmas. However, giving and receiving gifts is not a common practice of British business culture. Continue reading

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Gifts for Aries, Lio, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus and Gemini signs

Quite often while buying gifts you tend to get stuck since you don’t know how to decode the person’s attitude or mindset, his or her likes/dislikes. Can this quick zodiac gift guide provide some clues? We’ve already discussed six signs, and what the people belonging to them will most probably appreciate. Now, we move on to the others, including Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc.. Read More