An opportunity to express your sentiments and strengthen business ties

The festival of lights offers a perfect opportunity to express your sentiments and strengthen business ties. “Diwali apart from being India’s most celebrated festival is a wonderful opportunity for the industry players s to express their gratitude and cement their ties with their respective employees, associates and clients,” said ASSOCHAM secretary general, Mr D.S. Rawat while releasing the findings of the chamber’s survey. Read More

Enterprising and affordable gift ideas

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated all over India and around the globe where NRIs are settled in larger numbers. Diwali, also known as ‘Deepawali’, originates from the word ‘deep’ meaning the light from a row of tiny diyas in order to brighten the lives of each and every one as well as to spread positivity around. Continue reading

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A comprehensive resource for exciting corporate gift ideas

Treat a gift as a symbol of your business ethos: The gift should ideally be an apt reflection of the business, profession or hobby one is interested in, which would be the most appropriate gesture for any occasion. For instance, a stylish travel bag would be perfect if one’s business activity is related to tourism. Continue reading

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Grasping the fast-evolving corporate gifting scenario

Why give away gifts to your employees or business associates. The former perform all through the year, full of sincerity and dedication, coupled with innovation and imagination so they sure deserve to be aptly rewarded. On the other hand, Welcoming new clients and silently staying awake in their sub-conscious to strike a business deal is not so simple. This is where a gesture of a well-thought corporate gift will do the trick! Continue reading

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