Healthier gifts seem to be norm this Diwali

From almond sweets prepared with ubiquitous unsweetened chocolates to organic tea and fruit-based sweet items or low fat brownies, there is a new flavor to Diwali gifts this year. They seem to have become healthier! Even while sticking to time-tasted traditions, people in cities like Hyderabad are turning health conscious this festive season, a TOI news report by Sarah Salvadore mentions. Read More

What and why is changing the way people now shop?

Diwali was once the biggest shopping season for Indians. It is facing some serious competition these days. There’s something different when it comes to the manner in which Indian shopper approach Diwali; some would feel, there is a marked generational shift behind this trend. An insightful ET report by Malini Goyal mentions that about a decade or so ago, the period of Navratra-Diwali had a different shopping glow and feel to it. Here is a quick look at important factors changing the way people now shop. Read More

LEDs, smartphones and gadgets dominate Diwali buying list

Electronic gadgets and high end gizmos are on top of the shopping list of Diwali buyers. A TOI news report describes how buyers are turning up at electronics goods, computer and mobile shops to grab their choiced devices. LED TVs and induction cooker seem to be ruling the roost this year. The locals in Northern cities like Kanpur are queuing up at the ‘kheel-laiyya-gatta’ shops to purchase puja material for Diwali. Gold is very much in demand despite prices getting sky-high. Read More

Fabulous gifts soaked in spirituality

The Frazer and Haws brand is linked to the House of Hennell, founded in London in 1736 by David Hennell who created elegant silverware for the English aristocracy. Hennell jewelry is acknowledged for its classic yet contemporary feel. Continue reading

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Quotes on true meaning and relevance of gifting

Gift giving is an ancient tradition the relevance and importance of which has been well documented. Many writers, thinkers and philosophers have spoken about the great value it entails and the bonds it helps build. Below are some interesting quotes on true meaning and essence of gifting: Continue reading

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Sparkle of our Diwali and China’s Lantern Festival

There are so many similarities between a popular festival in India, Diwali, and the Lantern Festival in China.The way sparkle and glitter of Diwali fascinates us all, there is light and joy all around in China on eve of the Lantern Festival. It’s akin to our magnificent festival of lights. Homes are lit up brightly. The skyline is resplendent with the magnificent spectacle of the fireworks. Read More

High-end luxury market shows no strains of slowdown

Is the luxury goods market in India staring at a downturn? If you go by a recent media report, haute is exhibiting propensity to go up – with no exception – from handbags to cars – the market is in fact expanding. This is something very significant from the point of view of gifting industry’s prospects that relies so much on the demand-supply equation. The high end items like a Jimmy Choo stiletto are a ‘must have’ for an affluent buyer class, soaking in their new found status. Read More