Gifts can motivate people

Its often said that ‘life is a gift to mankind and so one must cherish it’. In today’s world, corporates understand that they require to touch, feel and inspire people through their creativity and awareness to better the lives of their employees, clients and general public. Corporates have become more and more aware about ‘motivating’ employees, clients and the general public such that it helps them achieve their goal of being the most respected company while creating enormous wealth for themselves. Read More

Quality thermoware and houseware from Asian Plastoware

A leading manufacturer and exporter of durable and high quality Plastic Insulated ware like Hotpots-Casseroles, Water Jugs, Tiffin Carriers, Water Bottles, Ice Pails, apart from useful gifts & novelties including Trays, Containers, Fridge Bottles, Lunch Boxes Desk Items, and Water Jugs.

It also specializes in plastic house ware like Buckets, Jug, Stools, Tiffin’s, Basins, Shopping Basket, Mugs, Drums, Food Containers, and stationery items such as Ash Trays, Pen Stands, Coasters, and Musical Towers, among others. A top producer of plastic insulated ware items exported to different countries of the world, the Asian Group has established itself as a dominant brand in the world of plastics. Its products have established dedicated markets in The Middle East, Australia, South Africa, The UK and Mauritius to name a few; besides being showcased at prestigious international exhibitions and trade fairs.

The Asian Group’s tryst with quality plastics began in 1964 with advertising novelties and business gifts. But a continual and progressive thrust, saw the group expand its interests to injection moulded plastic household ware, thermoware and office stationery products. A focus on total quality management and customer satisfaction has propelled the Asian Group to develop a dedicated product development division, which houses an equipped studio, toolroom, R&D cell; and of course, the total complement of man and machine – only the very best in both!

Such uncompromising emphasis on quality and innovation has brought it recognition and rewards – coveted citations from the Ministry of Commerce for export performance, for 19 consecutive years. The Asian Group has its infrastructure complement firmly in place.  In essence, its reputation is built on the solid pillars of quality, excellence, innovation and integrity and on an emphasis of being a customer-driven organization. In short, it creates products for the discreet customer of today.

The Asian Group is committed to providing world-grade easy-use products, designed to the customer’s needs and budget.

Now that you know who we are, let’s put words into action. Your search for the finest in thermoware, household ware, corporate stationery and gifts begins and ends here. This website is a prelude to the real thing. Happy hunting.

Asian Plastoware Pvt. Ltd.

PLOT D -7/1, ROAD NO. 16, M.I.D.C., ANDHERI (E), Mumbai – 400 093.
Tel. : 91-22-66960033 / 66954426
Fax : 91-22-66960044.
Email :,

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Asha Handicrafts for elegant craft-based gift products

Asha Handicrafts, a well-known Fair Trade Organization, helps to spread the beneficial concepts of Fair Trading in India and internationally. Asha stands for ‘hope’ in Sanskrit language. Countless producer groups and artisans rely on the organization for assistance all through the country. It’s a society formed to preserve and showcase exquisite crafts of the country by marketing them across the world and provide training in craft development.

For example, bead making is the ancient craft practised by Indus Valley Civilization. Jewelry made with semi precious stones processed in Khambat, a coastal town in Gujarat. Asha also has an exclusive range of silver jewelry handcrafted by skilled silversmiths. On the other hand, embroidered leather products have always been associated with the nomadic tribes of Rajasthan, where men would process leather, and women would embellish them with colourful embroidery depicting motives of nature around them. Harmada village near Ajmer is especially well known for their leather craftsmen.

It uses the surplus generated from the business to fulfill the core objective and engage in acts of charitable nature. In fact, since its establishment in 1975, Asha Handicrafts Association has given marketing support to various groups of small producers and craftsmen co-operatives. Asha fosters Fair Trade practices to aid marginalized and small scale handicraft producers.

It is a single organization having two distinct divisions: one is engaged in Trading and other is our Resource Center that oversees welfare programs, training activities as well as crafts promotion and producer development. By purchasing directly from the artisan groups and offering advance payments on orders, Asha increases the income levels of producer groups and prevents the accumulation of long-term debts.

Asha gives the artisans an opportunity to improve their living standards and continue with their livelihoods – the tradition of Indian Crafts. It also provides training and teaching facilities, establishing new local groups of craftsmen. Furthermore through our trained welfare professionals, Asha supports the community.

  • Wood Work, Paper-Mache
  • Leather Products, Musical Instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Block Printing
  • Textiles, Ceramics
  • Iron, Bidri
  • Brass, Dokra Art
  • Copper & Wire
  • Stone, Horn & Bone
  • Food Products
  • Incense

Asha Handicrafts Association

R.R. Industrial Estate, 1st Floor, Kashi Mira,
Off Western Express Highway, Mira Road (east)
Tele : 91 22 65515353 / 26845404
E-mail :

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A perfect resource for photographic products and services

Established in 1981, Colo Photo Shop is one or probably the only digital studio and lab chain that has an offer an exclusive and vast range of quality photographic products and service. It also conducts workshop and takes part in exhibition with its array of products so as to enhance the knowledge and profitability of photographers, studio and lab owners.

Colo Color Pvt. Ltd has fast spread its wing, and now it has 27 Colo Photo Shop retail outlet and 15 Dealer Counters and one Distribution Hub. Pioneering in adopting new technology, all our labs are equipped with latest digital machinery which leads us to India’s one of the fastest growing chain of photographic and allied retail company.

Its founder, Mr. Pravin Rambhia along with Mr. Deepak Patel and Mr. Pinkal Rambhia as the Director of the company has taken the venture to new heights by marketing it aggressively. Colo Color Pvt. Ltd is an authorized Distributor, Importer and Stockist of well known brands such as:

•    Sony: Digital Camera, Handycam, Snap Lab & UPDR printer/DVD recorder and Memory Stick.
•     Canon Digital Camera, Nikon Digital Camera, Olympus Digital Camera, Samsung Digital Camera, Kodak Digital Camera, Fuji Digital Camera and Panasonic Digital Camera.
•    Kodak: Battery Charger, DVC, CD, DVD
•    Digitek: Lithium Battery, Battery Charger, Video Hand Scanner, Digital LED Video Light, Camera Grip
•    Sandisk: Memory Cards and Storage Media
•    Verbatim: CD, DVD, Hard Dist, Blue Ray Disc and Digital Storage Media.
•    Sublimation Photo Transfer Machine and Raw Products
•    Crystal Printing Machine and Raw Products.
•    Studio Setup System, Pantograph, Surround System, Studio Background Pros.
•    Fancy Album And Frames
•    Advertising and Promotional items
•    Album Making Machine and Raw Products

Colo Color Pvt. Ltd also manufactures glass frames under the brand name of Lam-n-Large and widely available across India.

Colo Color Pvt Ltd

Dadar Department Store, 1st Floor, M. C. Jawle Marg, Dadar (West). Mumbai – 400028.
Phone: +91022 61569187 / +91 9320496801

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KGK’s exquisite Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings

The phenomenal success story, impressive growth and immense recognition over time has established KGK Creations among the top jewelry brands to reckon with. It has entered global markets with a wide range of exquisite contemporary jewellery, marking its expertise and specialization in beautiful Bridal Necklace Sets and Bangles, Earrings, Pendant sets, Bracelets and ensembles Rings. They are all made in superior 18k gold juxtaposed with dazzling diamonds and captivating color stones. Read More

Exquisite jewellery and stone collection from Pranda

The Pranda Group maintains major competitive advantages owing to its business philosophy, adherence to quality, attention to each individual customer’s needs and its wider reach. The group is well aware of the demand of total confidentiality while working with clients, regarding designs as well as their marketing plans. Its Costume Jewelry Division manufactures superior quality jewelry for several International Brands. Read More

A never seen before Soap Opera

Soap Opera does not merely manufacture ubiquitous soaps; they are handcrafted, containing Pure Glycerin that will make your skin Supple and Smooth. The fragrances in them are very much exclusive, sourced from Grasse, France. And what’s more, their soaps come in distinctive shapes and vibrant colors. There are no toxic ingredients in them that will make these soaps unsafe to use even for your children. Read More

Spread fragrance of happy memories with exotic Nyassa gifts

Nyassa is an exotic brand that offers a wide variety of fabulous products in attractive packaging that makes them very alluring and perfect for gifting. Nyassa’s expertise lies in evoking feelings through fragrances. Fond childhood memories – lying down on the pristine beach, as stroll under the starry skies, and many such memorable moments! You don’t need a reason to make someone happy. So just go for it and spread happiness the Nyassa way. Read More