Brilliant accessories, true to their name!!

Safety, cost efficiency and durability are the three aspects that any business would primarily look for while buying office equipment. Brilliant International is one name that comes to mind, when you want to buy electrical accessories and other workplace-related appliances.

They manufacture and export a wide range of electrical accessories and appliances such as doorbells, ceiling fans, switches, etc. The company formed in 1981, has established a reputation for itself as a reliable supplier and producer over the last two decades in this field – in India and internationally. It has adhered to the highest quality control standards over time.

Brilliant International also designs products as per specific customer specifications and design. This is made possible by a skilled technical staff, and a meticulous quality testing by them for each product. Let us take a look at their vast product range:

•    New Beautiful Bells

•    PVC Accessories / Trunking / Adaptable Boxes

•    Ceiling Fans & Regulators

•    D.P Switches / Switches / Sockets

•    ChangeOver and Onload Changeover

•    Tinned Copper Lugs / Glands

•    G.I.Boxes / Steel

•    Boxes American Type

•     Top Plugs and AST Parts

•     Bulk Head Fittings & Holders

•     Earthing Rod & Accessories

•     Extension Sockets

•    Wire Clips

•    GI Conduit Accessories

•    Din Rail Channel

•    Screws / Fasteners

They also manufacture a range of household appliances. You can get complete details of their vast product range, here:

For business inquiries, contact:
Brilliant Complex, Unit A & B,
Western Express Highway, Miragaon,
Mira Road (East) 401 104
Mumbai, India

Phone: (00 91 22) 2945 2101 – 05
Fax: (00 91 22) 2945 2106

You can also check out their stall at the Giftex 2012 slated to be held in the second week of February.  It’s a company that truly sticks to its brand name: Brilliant. There can be no better way than this of branding and positioning for a company.

Eclectic and elite Gold Foil products courtesy Aarya 24KT

Giftex is pleased to introduce its vast and extremely choosy audience to Aarya 24KT that has on offer a wide array of eclectic and elite Gold Foil products. They boast a glittering pure gold foil collection with an outstanding product line and supreme quality. This has been made possible thanks to meticulous working processes driven by a passion for innovation backed by a visionary thinking of its promoters.Mr. & Mrs. Mehul Shah and Mr. & Mrs Tejas Shah, hail from an illustrious family that has been into diamond trading and manufacturing for five generations something which speaks for their track record! The variety that Aarya possesses is second to none.Bringing out the importance and relevance of their product line, the website elaborates: “Gold being the most precious and malleable metal used till date only for making jewelry, sculpture & coins, has got a new meaning to own gold. Right from the image of your sacred belief to the creation of a masterpiece, gold works wonders.”

Here is a brief description of the key features of the superior product range introduced by Aarya 24KT:

•    The gold used in their products has a purity of 999.9 in a thousand. The products have been certified by the Assay offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, London and New York.

•    A pure 24KT gold bar is compressed into a thin foil. Then a special plastic silicon base is permanently fused to the delicate gold foil to give it strength & support. The product of this fusion is referred to as 24KT Gold foil. It is used to create their unique and captivating collection. The fascinating flower and jewelry collection is given a laser coating for protection & durability.

•    The whole Aarya24KT product range is made of several individual pieces, which are laser cut for absolute precision and consistency. These are then fused by the dexterous hands of traditional artisans.

•    Durability is another feature of their products that are created to last. They are so finished as not to tarnish and retain their luster for years to come.

A spotlight on Elder Instruments

Elder Instruments Private Limited is part of the renowned and well-established Elder Group of companies.For record, the business house started its operations in 1988 primarily as a Pharmaceutical Company Since then Elder group has rapidly diversified into other related activities, like Healthcare, Surgical Products, Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Bulk Drugs, International, Industrial Instruments & Process Automation.

Their operations have strong presence in Asian & European Markets. The group has achieved a turnover of about USD 100 Million in just nineteen years of operation. The group is well known for its international tie-ups for varied products ranging from pharmaceutical products, medical equipment and industrial instruments.

Elder Instruments commenced its Integrated Weighing operations in the year September 1993 with an aim to gain a foothold in the process control industry. Being in the process industry, the company understands the process problems better and give the best efforts to find easy solutions, so that the instruments are more users friendly. That is the only way it could gain an edge over competition, the management believes.

Their products are put into the market with the best features and facilities, always leading the current market traditions with Continuous Process Improvement to make the product more users friendly. They have an in house R & D and on site testing at various sister concerns. All the products on offer give a complete customized solution set with the basic individual requirements standardized.

It offers the most advanced technology to the market at extremely competitive prices. The emphasis has been on application of Load Cell technology and Process Instrumentation to address various process problems, which are so typical, as well as rare for every industry. Their relentless efforts in this direction have earned us expertise in these areas.

All their product range offers an on-line documentation with easy computer compatibility. Also the software provided for the automation is programmed within wide range of packages to make it compatible with the current working system of the user organization. The back-end used gives an easy storage and manipulation of the database whereas the front-end provides attractive screens for Graphical User Interface to enter and control various parameters.

Prime Housewares for holistic home-ware solutions

Prime Housewares Limited has been in the business of manufacturing exquisite plastic home wares for more than two decades. The company has established itself as an industry leader in the domain, gradually evolving from producing some basic plastic buckets to super quality Microwave Safe Cookware for the modern kitchens of the new millennium.

The credit for its rapid rise must be attributed to the leadership and dynamic vision of its CEO Surendra Sanganeria and Managing Director Mr. Jitendra Agarwal. What are the facets that make it stand out?

•    The company has carved a niche for itself in the domain of home-ware solution for the modern home-maker, providing holistic solutions – right from manufacturing food savers for the refrigerator, microwave safe containers to printed bathroom sets and laundry basket with wheels.

•    The quality of product made by Prime Housewares meets the highest possible standards set by the international company TUPPERWARE from U.S. It has exclusive outlets in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. It has pioneered as manufacturers of plastic microwave safe products. Innovation is the key driver which distinguishes the company from other brands.•    Its products are exclusive and customized, hence widely preferred by the middle and high end customers who aspire to possess and use high quality products to enhance their lifestyle.

•    It has entered into joint venture with International company ZIBO, renowned manufacturers of cleaning aids like floor brushes, cloth brushes, window squeegee, sink brushes etc. Prime has earned exclusive rights for marketing these products all over the country. It has given exclusive display stands for retailing of ZIBO products.

With a vast network including more than 2000 dealers across India, Prime Housewares plans to open number of exclusive outlets along with tie-ups with all upcoming malls and department stores. It has a strong presence in major metros like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, looking to further widen its network by launching exclusive outlets and tie-ups primarily with ‘A’ class outlets.

An ‘artistic’ gifting idea from long-term perspective!

With stock market in a tailspin, people are looking to build a more diversified portfolio of investments that will cushion them against such random and rapid falls in equities. Indeed, stock markets world over have turned topsy-turvy in recent times as the indices have become hyper-sensitive to inflation, recession and any negative macro or micro-economic clues. Experts are advising investors to stay away from the stock markets, and rightly so!

On the other hand, Indian art and artists have truly gone global with a string of shows – solo as well as group – involving both established and emerging artists. Global art auction houses and event directors are giving a place of pride to practitioners from the country, leaving an indelible mark on the international art scene. Indeed, contemporary Indian art and artists have gone global with a string of shows. We take a quick look at some of the internationally acclaimed artists who will continue to find favor with collectors and/ or investors…

Atul Dodiya: His diverse and dynamic art practice, socially and politically responsible in nature, has evolved to become increasingly complex, with the subjects of his address, and his references more specific. His striking imagery has invariably been packed with a stirring swirl of motifs: Bollywood, film stars, political icons, Hindu mythology characters, and so on.

Subodh Gupta: Though he often dwells on domestic themes, he has become an internationally renowned artist. A sculptor, installation-maker, video artist and painter -all rolled in one, this multi-faceted practitioner incorporates in his works everyday objects like bicycles, thali pans, and milk pails, as well as the mass-produced steel boxes used to carry lunch.

Bose Krishnamachari: As a creator, curator and practitioner of art in various forms and domains, he likes to challenge and defy conventional concepts of visual art practices to set his own norms. He has further broadened and deepened his curatorial vision with the Mumbai-based Gallery BMB.

Jitish Kallat: Counted among the most exciting and talented contemporary artists not just in India, but also internationally, he has received recognition for his dynamic work that reflects an involvement with Mumbai.