Art Expo India brought together the best of Indian art

Art Expo India (AEI) 2009 acted as a window to peep into vibrant vistas of contemporary Indian art. It brought together leading art galleries from India and abroad, to provide a glimpse of talented contemporary artists, working in various genres, styles, mediums and themes.

The second edition of the event was a fulfilling journey, involving art connoisseurs, collectors and investors. There were a series of informative seminars involving Jitish Kallat, Ranjit Hoskote, Alka Pande, Anjolie Ela Menon and Bose Krishnamachari, among others. Also on the panel of speakers were internationally renowned experts like Kay Saatchi and Judith Greer.

With years of experience behind her, Mrs. Saatchi’s keynote address on spotting young talent and building up an art collection was insightful as well as entertaining. Judith Greer, an independent arts producer and consultant for contemporary art projects, talked about ‘Art in Life: the daily pleasure of collecting’.

AEI struck meaningful partnerships to promote art in every form it exists. A case in point was its association with the London-based art initiative, Heart on Art, which organizes exhibitions, promote artists, hosts thematic art events, and collaborates with corporations to build a cultural connection.

Priyanka Sethi, the brain behind Heart on Art, is a keen follower of contemporary art trends. She has played a major role in evolving themes and outlining ideas for art talks and seminars at Art Expo India 2009. Her passion for art is reflected in her efforts to generate an interest in art and connect the broader art world with unknown markets, segments and people. Using her insight of contemporary art world, She played a major role in making the event a success.

Summing up the spirit of the event, organizer Vickram Sethi said, “Art is about looking without prejudice and approaching subjects without preconceived notions. Art Expo India created a space where collectors could see the context in which the art is produced and how far along the journey Indian art is.”

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Art Expo India 2009 was a major success story

Art Expo India witnessed a successful second edition thanks to the vision and planning by Vickram Sethi and his son Digamber Sethi. The dynamic father-son duo aided by a dynamic team of Trade & Technology Exposition Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd. made the event a memorable and fruitful one by combining their art expertise and managerial skills.

It was established in 1987 as an exhibition organizing company and several events on different themes were organized thereafter. Their flagship exhibition is GIFTEX, a showcase of corporate gifting. With over 70 Shows to their credit Trade & Technology have the experience, the ability and the understanding of the art market as well.

Mr Vickram Sethi has been actively engaged in promoting contemporary Indian art for over three decades. He is also the founder of The Arts Trust that organizes exhibitions and hosts art camps. The Institute of Contemporary Indian Art (ICIA) serves as a logical extension of The Arts Trust to showcase a wide pool of talent and creativity. 

He founded Asta Guru, an acclaimed online auction house, to connect art buyers from across the globe to Indian marketplace. He believes that art should be bought because you enjoy it, but having said that, as an investment it has continued to give a stronger return than traditional equity markets for those interested in investing in the medium to long-term.”

Digamber Sethi looked after the logistics and organization of the expo that involved constant coordination between different individuals and institutions from the domain of art. He is currently studying at University of Glamorgan, Wales.

Giving an idea of the background work and research that has gone into setting up the expo, he states, “Before launching AEI, our team visited art fairs all over the world interacting with galleries and art buyers to understand their needs. We have the ability and knowledge to put together an event of such scale and magnitude that would cater to the needs of the broader art market.” 

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Precursor to Art Expo India 2009

Indian art is slowly but surely becoming a crucial component of an alternate investment portfolio. This shift of strategy is largely being driven by the fact that Indian art is drawing attention and valuation that it thoroughly deserves.

Contemporary Indian art is gaining prominence worldwide. So it is not mere coincidence that Art Expo India has emerged as among the most prestigious art events to showcase Indian art for collectors and art lovers worldwide. It is among the most important art event in India, a cultural highlight for the country.

The three day long Art Expo India 2009 event, starting from 25th September, is a platform to launch Indian art in the international arena with meticulous selection of top galleries and well-conceived program of special exhibitions, seminars and other events.

Speakers Schedule at Art Expo India 2009
25th September

5:00 pm: The Key note address will be Mrs. Kay Saatchi in conversation with Malika Sagar Adwani on spotting young talent and building up an art collection.

26th September

•12:00 am – 1:00 pm: Art in Life: the daily pleasure of collecting, Dr. Rashmi Poddar in conversation with by Judith Greer.

•3:00 pm – 4:00 pm : The aesthetics of the erotic Dr. Alka Pande, Satish Manashinde moderator Anjolie Ela Menon.

•4:30 pm – 5:30 pm : (X)topia: A Search for Place, A Place for Search – A Conversation between Jitish Kallat and Ranjit Hoskote..

27th September
•12:00 am – 1:00 pm : Everything is Art a panel discussion between Bose Krishnamachari , architect Shantanu Poredi moderator Rajshree Pathy.

•3:00 pm – 4:00 pm : Sharan Apparao & Menaka Kumari Shah buying art in recessionary times Moderator Brian Brown.

•4:30 pm – 5:30 pm : Kirsty Ogg  in conversation with Abhay Sardesai on Indian Art in an international prospective.

Art Expo India 2009 serves as an opportunity to know more about adding art as an asset class in your portfolio, and also as an option for gifting at corporate and individual level.

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AEI to act as a window to peep into vibrant Indian art scene


Art has a great display and asset value for both individuals as well as corporate houses. It makes a treasure to cherish in every sense. This value will come to the fore at Art Expo India 2009 (Venue: Nehru Center, Mumbai; Dates: September 25th – 27th) is a comprehensive source for understanding art – its past, present and future. It will present a wide array of works by famous and upcoming Indian artists.

Despite the recession and the subsequent fall in prices, experts feel the market for fine art is still very strong, though not as hyped as it was a couple of years ago. Importantly, long term collectors want to use this phase to build on their portfolios.

Especially, a host of investors-individual as well institutional- from European and American art circuit are looking to add Indian art to their collections. For many of them Indian art is still new. Art Expo India 2009 will act as a window for them to peep into Indian art.

Trade & Technology Exposition Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd was established in 1987 as an exhibition organizing company and several events on different themes were organized thereafter. Their flagship exhibition is GIFTEX which is now in its 21st year. With over 70 Shows to their credit Trade & Technology have the experience, the ability and the understanding of the art market as well.

The organization is headed by Vickram Sethi and has a support team that specializes in setting up trade events.  He has been setting up art shows and events from 1990. Before setting up art expo, the core team members had visited art fairs all over the world speaking to both galleries and art buyers to understand their needs. Being in both businesses Trade & Technology Exposition Co has the ability and knowledge to put together a major art event that would cater to the needs of the broader market.

Visit and enjoy Art Expo India 2009! The vibrant vistas of Indian Contemporary Art have opened for you.

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Art Expo India 2009: A platform to understand, buy, gift and invest in art


If any of your friends or family members loves visiting art galleries; likes reading on art & culture, and relishes watching cultural shows, he or she makes a perfect candidate on your part to give an artwork as a gift! But where to source the reliable information about latest trends in Indian art!

Well, you may visit Art Expo India 2009, which is going to be a high profile meeting ground for art dealers, galleries, artists and prospective art buyers.

Dwelling on the importance of AEI, an ET report by Nalini S Malaviya mentions that talks by experts in the field, and an opportunity to interact with artists, gallerists, critics and other members from the art fraternity, sure add great value to such events. Insights into various aspects related to the art market, such as world markets, evaluations, regulations and so on, make the event more interesting, it points out.

The event is bound to act as a catalyst in building the art market in India. With more and more Indians becoming wealthier, there is a huge untapped potential waiting to be exploited. The new-found prosperity, a highly sophisticated audience and international exposure now present a perfect opportunity for art dealers to project buying, collecting and investing art a modern lifestyle statement.

Importantly, no other market can be as huge as the Indian market for Indian art itself. If it has to do well, it must ‘sell’  in India to start with. AEI is looking to make this happen. Its aim is to build a community of art connoisseurs by building awareness and imparting knowledge of Indian art history as well as current art trends.

The event to be hosted at Nehru Center, Mumbai (September 25th-27th) strives to serve as a link among keen art viewers, artists and experts. It will provide you with an insight into the contemporary art trends.

Mr Vickram Sethi of The Arts Trust and AEI organizer, concludes: “Our exhibiting galleries are constantly bringing fresh perspectives to Indian art. We only invite galleries who are passionate and ground-breaking in the artists they foster.”

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How to use a gift card?


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Ideals gifts for your respected teacher

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