Bhagwad Gita in the form of a pendant

They say that the great holy saga of practical wisdom, the Bhagwad Gita, is a book to behold. Indeed, it is a treasure trove of all the masterly knowledge in the world.

Now there’s a very special tiny treasure available thanks to jewelry brand Tanishq. Made out of dazzling 24 karat gold and the one comprising all the 18 chapters of the holy book with almost 700 shlokas is apparently the smallest Bhagwad Gita of the world in the form of a pendant.

This with the entire Bhagwad Gita in a chip of 1cm x 1 cm can be observed under a 20X microscope. It can be scanned under a 200X microscope. The chip created by Pawan Sinha is indeed a wonder. Mr Sinha is associated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, working there as an associate professor of Vision & Computational Neuroscience.

In a newspaper interview he has been quoted as saying, “Interestingly, the initial spark for this holy venture visited me in a dream. In it, I saw myself writing the Gita on a grain of rice. I decided to make this dream a reality, and developed technology for ultra-fine inscription. In order to demonstrate its capabilities, we chose to write the text (over 180,000 words) of the King James New Testament of the Bible on a crystal tablet of just in size.”

This accomplishment has been recognized by Guinness Book of Records. A few years after this achievement he decided to employ the same technology for making the smallest Gita. Among the features of this book is a clear image of Lord Krishna playing the famous flute, besides all the shlokas.

The picture is even smaller than a speck of sand. Tanishq will be setting aside a part of the revenues to help run the Prakash Center for Children. The aim is to provide medical care to needy children.