Cool tees with crispy quotes make a perfect gift

Giving a style statement with cool, crispy quotes in some cool tees are a perfect gift for someone who wants to look uber cool. “I’m surrounded by idiots”; “Get me drunk and enjoy the show”; “50 % single” are some of the whacky n witty one liners on T-shirts fast catching up amongst college-goers and youngsters.

With teen tennis sensation Sania Mirza having already made such tees with catchy one liners her unique style statement, teenagers are too stretching their imagination to get them. Started by two college friends Abhir Khanna and Pranav Kapoor in August last year, Blue Bus Tees are selling like hot cakes.

The demand for their T-shirts is not restricted to the youth alone. Middle-aged men are also ordering them. The duo were working in their family businesses initially, but later decided to start something on their own. Abhir Khanna informed: “”We decided to come up with one liner T-shirts since we realized there were not many in India”.

The brand name, Blue Bus Tees, was a random choice. “While travelling in a BEST bus, we thought of calling it ‘Red Bus Tee’. Since the brand name ‘Red Bus’ was already registered, we named Blue Bus,” reminisced kapoor. ‘Blue Bus Tees’ is a T-shirt selling website, where one can order T-shirt and make payments via credit card, demand draft or cheque.

The reason behind online selling of the T-shirts was to launch business in a cost-effective way. The duo didn’t want to spend on renting a shop space. Their target was the young audience as they surf the internet more.

The witty one liner T-shirts are now going places. The sales are happening from all over India. The duo has marketed them in college festivals like Malhar and Lakshya. Their Poker tees are selling well, too. Next in line are Bollywood tees with crazy one liners like ‘Mere pass maa hai’ and others like Jhakaas, Item number. Prices are Rs 250 onwards.

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Birthday party return gift tips

We pointed out in our previous blog how Sachin Tendulkar was excited at the mention of his favorite gifts. According to him, the greeting cards his kids made for him were very special.

Your child might well have received some interesting gifts on their birthday. But how much you do you spend to conceive a return-gift idea on your child’s birthday? Let us check some interesting birthday return gift ideas.

A child’s birthday party is not only about the candles, musical chairs, cakes etc. It is also about nice return gifts for a child. The off-beat take-home tokens remain an integral part of the birthday celebration. Most children indeed look forward to the goodies. If they do not get any, they are disappointed.

Birthday party planners mention that often parents choose to outsource birthday party. However, but they are keen on doing their own return gifts. Their advice to the parents is avoid deviating from the basic party theme and not to treat return gifts as the least priority on their list or else they will end up getting the wrong things.

Also, spending huge money is not the way. Your gift will stand out if it is unique, and not costly. Think what the child’s friends would like take away and make the birthday party gift a memorable one. You should give back gifts that are related to their interest.

According to professional children’s party organizers, the moment ones gets a child involved in the act of decorating or working out a return gift idea, it becomes more compelling and meaningful. They advise parents to plan some activity leading to a birthday party return gift.

One example is planting and nurturing trees will make children aware of nature.  

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Sachin Tendulkar’s favorite gifts

Bowlers all across the world have faced the brunt of his powerful willow over the last 20 years. They don’t really find anything funny when the master blaster is busy smashing them to every corner of the park.

However, outside the cricket field, our very own master Sachin Tendulkar has a very funny and amusing side to his personality. This was unveiled in an article in the DNA on eve of his birthday. 

At a recent public event Sachin attended with his son Arjun, daughter Sara and wife Anjali, pointing to latter, sitting in the front row, he stated, “There is a woman behind every successful man. But she is not behind – but in front – in my case.” This remark sent the whole audience into peals of laughter.

Sachin revealed he didn’t have one, but three women to whom he could well attribute his success. Are you Surprised by this? Well, writer Aveek Bhowmik noted in report, titled ‘My wife’s wishes are very important: Sachin Tendulkar’:

“Even we were initially. But he put all our doubts to rest. He quipped: “Anjali remains the pillar of strength for me. She has always been there every time my chips were down. And then, there is my mother! These two women (my wife and mother) have played a major role in my life. Now, there’s a new addition – my daughter Sara.”

Sachin, who turned 36 last week, was excited at the mention of his favorite gifts. He stated, “The greeting cards that my kids make for me are very special. I cherish all the moments I have spent with my father on my birthdays. Also, my wife’s wishes are very important for me.”

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On Akshay Tritiya, gift gold

It is believed that if you pray to goddess ‘Laxmi’, the goddess of prosperity and wealth, and perform a puja, the goddess will bless you. Akshay Tritiya is the festival on which people invariably buy gold. By doing so, a person’s wealth is believed to increase drastically.

You can gift gold on this auspicious day. In olden days, as you might be aware, gold was the only medium for exchanging goods and services. In fact, gold and silver, known to be the purest forms of metals and also the most sacred ones, were offered to temples as gifts.

One can choose to gift gold and silver coins, jewelry and much more. This Akshay Tritiya, gifting gold to your family friends, relatives, office colleagues, bosses and others would not only bring them good luck but will also ensure a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Make sure that you brand your gift to enhance the goodwill of your budding business or company.

Gold was one of the glittering gifts that the Three Wise Men got for Jesus at the moment of his birth. It caught the imagination worldwide as many conducted experiments to master Alchemy, the art of converting any base metal into shiny gold. It was among the most coveted metals. It became the currency of noblemen and kings until it was replaced by paper.

Gold signifies richness and luxury. Today it is a popular fashion accessory for males and as well as females in more ways than one. Gold embellishes clothes, bags and shoes apart from traditional pieces for ears, wrists and waists. No bride in India will go without gold on her wedding day. Though expensive, it’s an ideal choice for a corporate as well as a personal gift.

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‘Touchy’ options for gifting gizmos

In the previous blog, we introduced you to Microsoft coffee-table-sized computer ‘Surface’. As we pointed out in the last posting, there are several gorgeous options for gifting gizmos to your tech-savvy buddies or relatives.

Touch-screen is the technology that all tech-savvy people will be reaching out for. You can spot the trend for gifting a nice gizmo if you are willing to spend a bit more for someone special. It is the mobile device market that is set to witness a flood of touch phones this year. They are affordable too.

According to an ABI research report, Samsung and Motorola will dominate the market in 2009. LG products such as LG Cookie, KS20 and Viewty are also appealing. LG has been aggressively launching entry-level handsets with amazing touch-screen features, whereas Samsung has on offer premium products. Samsung Pixon (8 mega-pixel camera phone, priced at Rs 28,750; Samsung Omnia (GB)priced at Rs 35,999, and TouchWiz priced at Rs 20,899 are the three hot picks that you cam go for. Nokia’s entry-level 5800 Xpressmusic, HTC Touch series and RIM Blackberry Storm are all worth considering.

When it comes to computers, there is Asus as well. The winner of the prestigious Red Dot design award has Eee Top PC. It’s an all-in-one, catchy touch-screen device, to make computing interactive. The firm has opted for an Opera browser to allow easy-touch navigation sans mouse or keyboard.

The Eee Top costs Rs 44,000, and brings immense glitz to one’s desk. Eee Keyboard PC is another touch-based innovation. It’s not yet commercially available, though! The PC is expected to incorporate the functionality of a desktop with a flashy keyboard, weighing just under a kg.

The gizmo can ably turn a LCD monitor into a full-fledged PC & multimedia entertainment centre thanks to its amazing ultra-wide band wireless connectivity. Eee PC T91 tablet PC with a touch screen (8.9-inch) incorporates features like the one of handwritten notes jotted down and ‘stuck’ on it or dispatched to other Eee computers. It lets users flip through, organize, edit as well as upload photos quicklys. 

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Touch-based innovations

Multi-touch is now the must-have feature for coveted digital devices. In fact, ‘touch’ is the new buzzword for all electronics devices today in the market.

If you’re looking to gift them to one of your tech-savvy family or business friends, there is no dearth of options. Here, we provide some clues. For instance, the craze for the Apple iPhones launch has now become all pervasive! The gizmos that are available with the touch feature latest technology features s by way of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, haptic feedback, GPS, accelerometers, etc.

Take, for instance, the new Microsoft coffee-table-sized computer, known as the ‘Surface’, is meant for retail stores and hotels. It is based on handy multi-touch finger gestures for moving digital objects like play games, photos, and to browse. Hewlett-Packard (HP) has already developed a prototype of a multi-touch coffee-table computer to be used at home.

Samsung’s latest P3 portable media player is based on true haptic feedback. Having a fantastic 3 inch TFT-LCD touch screen, it provides widescreen enjoyment of photos and video without the requirement for letterboxing. The P3 reacts with a various physical sensations with every command gesture. The 8GB and the 16GB versions cost Rs 11,900 and Rs 14,900, respectively, making it quite affordable.

The digital still camera range from Samsung sports Touch 2.0 features. The NV100 Full HD digital still camera at Rs 22,990 lets users explore commands on screen with swift finger movements.

For high-end gifting, there’s Apple’s MacBook Air touchpad allows one to move the cursor and simply click just like a mouse. It has several functionalities, making use of multi-touch gestures. One can rotate photos just by touching two fingers and shifting the images on the screen.

One may move back n forth quickly through web pages and photos by swiping fingers on the touchpad. It is possible to expand or shrink a photo, or by pinching the image, even zoom in and out on a web page. An Apple MacBook Air starts at Rs 95,000.

Art works related to Easter at ICIA

This one’s indeed a cool exhibition. At the Institute of Contemporary Indian art (ICIA) shop, you can well find ceramic egg sculptures in attractive shapes and sizes. The exhibit started just in time for fabulous festive Easter weekend.

Nine ceramic artists from Mumbai and New Delhi are displaying nearly 70 different art works related to Easter, priced in the range of Rs500 to Rs3,000.
‘The beautiful oval’ is a ceramic creation at the ICIA exhibit. One of the participating artists, Anjali Khanna, has been quoted as saying: “The idea here is that the egg is perceived as a symbol of renewal.  I’ve focused on the same. I’ve made sweet looking bunny rabbits as well as chickens with egg. I have focused on the ‘cosmic egg’ aspect as well as the symbol of birth & death through an egg.”

Delhi based Apeksha Mathur echoed the same thought, “The egg here is a symbol of a new life. I was experiencing positive vibrations and energy while working on these art works and enjoyed it all thoroughly.” 

Set up by Mr Vickram Sethi, The Arts Trust and ICIA have been engaged in promoting Contemporary Indian Art. They focus on the promotion of art by established and young artists. The viewers at the exhibit have increased tremendously in the last few years, as awareness and interest in contemporary art has developed.

The Arts Trust was started in 1990. Events presented range from shows that cater to large audiences and single-evening events for select people. ICIA besides organizing exhibitions, provide art lovers and patrons with an opportunity to view works in different genres.  The latest exhibition is a case in point! It is on till the end of April.

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Easter egg equated with new life


Of all the things that are now associated with Easter – jelly beans, Easter bonnets, bunny rabbits, and other tasty treats – the egg is probably the most significant.

It stands for fertility as well as new beginnings, in line with Easter (The resurrection of Christ) Biblical significance.

The festival gets its name from the goddess of Spring and dawn, Eostre, worshipped by pre-Christian Saxons. Her sacred animal was stated to be the hare that explains the Easter bunny’s importance as well.

It’s more of a cultural significance, which has seeped into our lives. People often tend to equate Easter eggs with new life, quite in the same way the Christ rose from the dead for starting a new life.

Easter eggs and sweets have somehow diminished the Easter’s significance, some believe. Easter eggs, the think, are a practice adopted from the West and commercialized, taking away the real meaning and spirit of the occasion.

The Easter time is here

Easter is the historic day when Jesus came back to our land from the grave to vindicate his teachings and justify to the Romans the ideologies handed down to us. Those who opted to follow this ideology remember this occasion as one, which signals the end of Lent – a period of abstinence from material pleasures when one returns to the old adage of piety.

Easter is a great opportunity for a get-together and gifts! The first thing that strikes one’s mind when you are wished Happy Easter is a toss-up between Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny. Home-made Easter Eggs can be packaged prettily and presented to office colleagues wrapped in cute baskets.

Easter Eggs are wonderfully chocolate-y with a colorful (gold being the main color) surface. Arranged well they make for great decorative items for the desk. If your colleague is married, gift enough eggs for everybody.

Rope everybody else in the office and make a gift hamper for the boss. Make it complete with bunnies (either the soft toy variety or the edible variety), large eggs in a suitably big basket, with a dashing bow.

Keep the right colors and patterns in mind. Opt for a deep color for the bow and for the wrapping material – pick stripes and checks and muted colors.

Opt for an Easter hamper – a beautiful basket, two or three dozen eggs, depending on the number of people in office, confetti, popcorn, sponge balls, or your choice of filling. Get a small gift each for your colleagues and of course, the Easter Bunny. Order a bunny cake, too.

There are options in form of Le Meridien and Patchi for Easter Bunny! Almost every patisserie and cake shop will have its fair share of Easter goodies to select from for every budget.

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Disney soft toys as gifts


The immense popularity of Disney soft toys knows no barriers of age, region or gender. Disney characters bring smiles on our faces; they make us feel relaxed and also appeal to our senses.

All our favorite Disney characters are available under The Disney Animal Friends series. The eternal characters are the best buddies of children during their formative years; it’s like a dream fulfilled having them with you – either as a showpiece or as a plaything! Shaped into adorable soft toys, the Disney Animal Friends make a deft decorative piece to treasure. They will make a perfect gift not only for children but also for adults.

Disney’s Animal Friends – a soft toy range – comprises popular characters, Baloo, Sher Khan and Dumbo. The Disney gang toy series is sure to be loved as a gift. Incidentally, of all the various shapes given to the Disney characters, the sizzling soft toys have been the most popular.

If you’re looking to give something exquisite, elegant for a special occasion gifting, Disney soft toys can be the best choice for you. Disney has different varieties of their soft toys based on their most famous characters. Here are some of them to make a cut gift:

Donald Duck: The animal character debuted in a cartoon in 1934. Despite his fiery temper, he became popular with audiences. Hot-headed Donald is a little character in a big world trying to suppress him.

Dumbo: (sitting and trumpeting): Often taunted for his enormous ears, the little elephant is too naïve to realize what the laughter is about, yet old enough to follow that it’s targeted at him.

Bambi: This wobbly legged fawn will someday inherit the title of ‘Great Prince of the Forest’. His mother teaches him the secrets of survival.

Sher Khan: Disneyland Jungle Book Villain Sher Khan – the tiger – is a feared yet popular Disney character.

Disney soft toys as gifts are an apt expression of your feelings. 

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