Gifts to revive the April Fool spirit

Here are some more ‘ridiculously stupid’ gift ideas that well fit the April Fool spirit from a sneezing, yawning monkey to a screaming rubber chicken. You can come up with ‘stupid’ gifts.

Slingshot Monkey
The Slingshot Monkey is a stuffed monkey that’s dressed like a superhero. It can fly up to at least 50 feet and scream along the way. Scary and funny, both in one go, isn’t it?

Mistletoe to Go
In the mood for love, but unfortunately, on the go? Turn to this portable mistletoe. This attractive arrangement of faux mistletoe carries a suction cup, which attaches to your forehead.

USB dancer
This bikini-wearing dancer can plug into your computer’s USB port & audio port and when audio files run on your system, she will dance and gyrate around the pole.

Get off the Phone Excuse Machine
If you’ve trouble getting off the phone from some unwanted callers, this small electronic device could be the solution. Press a button for ‘Whoops, there’s the door’ or ‘I can’t hear you, you are breaking up,’ and you can thus get off the hook, as the caller will get easily fooled.

Inflatable Moosehead
No need to go through the effort and expense of tracking down a moose and then shooting it dead when you can merely buy an inflatable moose head for the trophy wall. Show that you are brave, even if you are not!

Electronic Yodeling Pickle
The electronic yodeling pickle is a plastic pickle with a high-tech interior. When you opt to press the pickle’s button, it belts out a yodel that’s reminiscent of the Swiss Alps.

Poo-lar Bear Candy
It is a peculiar plastic polar bear, which one may choose to fill with candy poop so when one presses down on the bear’s hind quarters, he will poop out a tasty treat.

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Stupid gifts and April Fool’s Day celebrations

On April Fool’s Day you may give or receive a gift wrap that is empty. It’s a real fun occasion for those with a sense of humor and a touch of creativity. Even the news media and celebrities get involved in the April Fool’s Day celebrations.

One curious gift you can give is the bath/ shower gel for spreading optimism. These so-called Aroma therapeutic bubble baths/ shower gels make a perfect idiot’s gift! Doesn’t it seem tantalizingly true for the receiver? It will address, you can claim, that the person will be cured of his or her daily frustrations and stress.

You can recommend or gift a series of gels – each taking care of a specific problem like stress and even break-up hangover, etc. You can manage to weave a funny tale, to help boost the psyche of the person, and ultimately bust it as well!

Stupid though may be, such gifts will perfectly go with the spirit of this day. You can find many of them, if you wish to fool your friends, and colleagues. It is also interesting to know how people world over indulge in the April Fool’s fun.

The day has developed into a fun fest, with different nationalities trying out their own brand of humor. In Scotland, April Fool’s is celebrated for two days. The second day – called Taily Day – is devoted to pranks involving the posterior region of the body. Mexico’s counterpart of this day is observed on December 28. involving pranks and trickery.

In France, it is called ‘April Fish’ (Poisson d’Avril). The French fool their friends by taping a paper fish to their friends’ backs and when some happen to discover this trick; they yell ‘Poisson d’Avril!’  In England, tricks can be played only in the morning. If a trick is played on you, you are a ‘noodle’.

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Pop Art Toaster and other All Fools’ Day gifts

Practical jokes are a fun tradition to celebrate the spirit of April Fool’s Day also known as All Fools’ Day.

Some times, practical jokes are played out on office colleagues, friends or relatives on this day so you need to watch for such pranks the entire day. But keep in mind that this occasion is for-fun-only so you should not feel offended and take the whole thing the right spirit. We suggest some deceiving ‘gift’ ideas for this day in keeping with its mood and spirit.

‘Shocking’ Pen or pain
A perfect gift for the mischievous office prankster! This one is among the most shocking gifts that will, literally be a ‘pain’ for the receiver!!! Try it out and you’ll see it for yourself. Keep it on the person’s desk in such a way that he or she would be tempted to pick it, and you can enjoy the wacky, wicked feeling of revenge!

Faces on ‘Adam & Eve’ and other famous masterpieces
Imagine your friend’s photograph gets transformed onto, Adam & Eve or any other immortal character! You can opt for any masterpiece to get the person’s snap merged into it to customize the frame. You can get an artwork done on the Web! You may add a human figure or a pet in the background object of your choice in the artwork. Make it off-beat or wacky, of course, at your own risk.

SIGN & SEAL’ magnetic set
Add a touch of whimsy to your friend’s boring desk with this pen-holding pinniped. Just give it a whirl!

Pop Art Toaster
Why not let your friend kick start the day with a unique kitchen gadget. We are talking about this accessory that will ‘toast’ fun images into the bread!

These will make perfect gifts for the All Fools’ Day. You can think of more such ideas using your creativity and imagination.

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How about holidays as gift certificates?

Corporate entities can sure consider holidays as gift certificates to pep up the spirits of their workforce. They can opt to reward customers; it can be a promotion to boost sales. Loyal customers can be rewarded.

Whatever the scope of the incentive program, Travel Port can implement it. Travel Port CLS vacations can be availed at over 100 hotels and resorts in more than 50 popular destinations across the country and many more all over the world. The resort selection reflects highly rated hotel groups.

Travel Port looks to continually develop new and exciting incentives, such as the adventure special. Also on offer are travel CD Rom’s as well a online reward programs! Travel Port can manage every aspect of your Travel & Incentive program. They closely work with you to ensure that your corporate event is a success!

Their prefect on-site coordination allows you enough to interact with your clients, partners or co-workers during the program. Exceptional quality of their service ensures that you receive full value for your investment on Travel & Incentive program. Travel port ClS fills a very niche within the nascent incentive industry.

Planning a successful Incentive Group Travel or other group function requires a great deal of planning and follow-through. Your first step is of course, to select the right back-up organization that will provide you with innovative and creative ideas. Picking exciting destinations is another critical aspect of the successful implementation of your Travel & Incentive program.

Experience holds key. Travel port scores on this count. Their business is built around the core expertise of trained people. Their team comprises specialists with rich experience in Travel Arrangement (air, land and sea); Marketing promotion and incentives; and Hotel / Resort Management and Catering. The recipients can choose a destination that they wish to visit, and when it’s convenient for them.

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Value picks for corporate or personal gifting

In our last blog we checked in a store, New Delhi’s Play Clan store that offers Artifacts which are politically correct and simultaneously, entertaining and humorous!

For instance, you can get a charming coaster with illustrations of the Goddess Saraswati with a little tale penned at the back. This is a unique branding style that they follow for all their accessories. “We try to weave a story, and then find different platforms for expressing each of them. We carry a small little write-up on each theme at the back of every product,” Himanshu Dogra, the brain behind it, explains.

A bunch of their exclusive products are available at select outlets like Kimaya and Malini Ramani’s Goa store. But this small Delhi space symbolizes the Clan at its best. The way the store has been designed gels with the whole idea behind it. They wanted it to be project as a graphic showcase. The yellow wall and the clones’ illustrations represent common people like us. They have displayed the frames and pillows to create a unique ambience.

It serves as a compact space. The open glass cabinets host smaller things like colorful illustrated journals, badges, coffee mugs and DVD holders. Prices have been kept moderate, which is important from a buyer’s perspective. They start from Rs 260 onwards. The items are indeed affordable for everyone, making them a true value pick for corporate or personal gifting.

Located at the Select City Mall in Saket and spread over mere 250 sq ft, Play Clan is a brainchild of Illum Designs that is branding for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week 2009.

This is Play Clan’s flagship store. Apart from the one at Select CityWalk, two more are on their way. One has already opened at The Garden of Five Senses. Another one is coming up in Mumbai. According to Himanshu Dogra, the brain behind it, their production is still small-scale. This is because they are keen on maintaining a sense of exclusivity. The idea is to keep each artifact personal.

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Wonderful artifacts with contemporary touch

Play Clan is place tucked away in a glassy mall in the capital city that offers experimental and alternative gift ideas. It is not a commercial enterprise; it’s a rather small-scale retail venture.

Eccentricities that expressed in ink & paper in the form of illustrations in popular graphic novels spill onto accessories showcased here. They represent age-old icons, urban pop culture, and other symbols of everyday life. These are Wonderful artifacts with a contemporary touch!

You get to see a sage from Kashi on a colorful, classy mug — with the Ganges ghats illustrated over his body, or a DTC bus as an illustration in a small frame, or a rickshaw colored in with letterings ‘Taxi no. 9211’, ‘CNG’ and ‘Roses are red, violets are blue’. The ravishing rustic metal kettle and captivating chai glass cups are iconized here.

T-shirts and formal shirts sport a larger picture, with the Indian “Hum do hamare do’ family sharing a Bajaj scooter, an Old Delhi nook flush with kites flying high on Independence Day,  or superstar Rajinikanth posing with his bike. Mumbai’s towering skyscrapers and VT (or CST) are etched in cushion covers and frames. Snatches of Kolkata are also there. The Presidential House is splashed on other curios

Himanshu Dogra started Illum Designs almost eight years ago. He unveiled the first Play Clan retail store in 2007. He has mentioned in an interview: “Our themes change every couple of months.” Their current theme is India images, across cities. They will soon introduce a Goddess Saraswati theme.

The wonderful artifacts in this store are politically correct and at the same time entertaining and humorous. They will help you to strike a chord with the person whom you opt to gift them.

Gift Vouchers for Gudhi Padwa

India’s most leading stores, malls and shopping chains have attractive Gift Voucher options on most festive occasions. Gudhi Padwa is no exception. Visiting the top shopping hubs and availing of gifting vouchers is not about self-indulgence alone. It’s a feeling of joy that you want to experience and share with your loved ones. Gift Vouchers make this possible.

You can wish your friends, relatives and colleagues on special occasions like Gudi Padwa by giving them attractive Gift Vouchers. Apart from celebrating personal milestones like birthday and a wedding anniversary, you also want to enjoy social occasions. Gift Vouchers make a perfect festival gifting option.

You may check the Gift Voucher plans on offer from shopping chains like Shopper’s Stop. A large or mid-sized corporate house can employ the Gift Vouchers as a tool to reward distributors/dealers and clients.

Some shopping chains have on offer M-voucher. It can be employed to pay for purchases made online without giving away credit card details. All one needs to do is just enter the mobile number and a few other details and authorize the payment with a pin number at the time of purchasing the voucher.

This is a perfect means of pampering someone close to you as it gives the latter the power and the freedom to pick something of his or her choice from a wide range of buying options like apparels, electronics, movie tickets, restaurant coupons. They can redeem the voucher the way they want and double their joy of festive celebrations.

Hypermarkets like Big Bazaar guarantee bigger value for your money through Gift Voucher offers. A buyer can select from an attractive product line including such as cosmetics, crockery, dress material, accessories, household appliances, luggage, toys and much more – backed by an excellent service that makes shopping a truly memorable experience.

A gift for enhancing safety

We shall inform you about a range of personal alert and safety equipment that make a valuable gift simply because safety and well-being of those dear to you is always on top of your mind. Here, we recommend to you precious personal alert and safety equipment that make a valuable gift:

Personal Safety Alarm
It adds to personal safety. This is a foolproof, carry-along security gadget. To be worn around the neck while shopping, walking, jogging alone at deserted or unfamiliar locations, it secures against purse/chain snatchers. It is ideal for college-going girls, office-going females and senior citizens. Just give the rip-cord a bit of sharp tug to activate the alarm. Insert the pin, back into the socket, to deactivate.
Price (approximate) Rs 545

Personal Anti-Loss Alarm for Kids
Alarm gets activated if the child moves beyond the safe or specified distance. Distance range up to 25 m can be adjusted. It is ideal for parents and guardians. The alarm has a transmitter and a receiver. When the distance between the receiver and the transmitter exceeds the pre-defined range, the alarm goes off – 3 beeps in quick succession.
Price (approximate) Rs 695 

Personal Protection Alarm
It comes with door protector, strobe light. If a user feels threatened or needs help, he or she can simply pull the pin. The additional cord (with Door Contact Clip) is for frequently travelers, staying in hotels. The clip will act as a stand-alone door sensor.
Price (approximate) Rs 795

Personal Anti-Sleep Alert
It is designed to alert a driver and is worn behind the person’s ear, avoiding the possibility of an accident. Place it behind the ear for alert in case your head droops.
Price (approximate) Rs 125

You can also gift Personal Security Alarm and other carry-Along Portable Security products from Zicom that are reasonably priced.

Gift your family a memorable holiday

Travel Port is a reputed firm offering the whole gamut of travel services. Apart from offering a pack of conventional and catchy user-friendly services like air tickets, hotel reservations and holiday packages, TravelPort’s portfolio also comprises various other innovative concepts to attract tourists.

These include incentive travel & corporate loyalty management programs. You may approach the renowned travel firm for a relaxed sojourn this holiday season. You can be guaranteed of a fantastic experience, which would serve as a much-coveted and memorable gift for your family and key corporate contacts on your part.

Travel Port is a perfect avenue for planning personal as well as professional journeys. They are associated with the best travel firms all across the globe. Their efficient team is backed by a solid network. They strive to bring the best ever holiday experience for you and those special to you.

This exactly is the reason why the firm has established itself as a premier Travel and Tour organizer. Travel Port boasts of a nation-wide presence owing to numerous franchise outlets that span across all major cities of India and outside.

Here, we are recommending their serene Uttaranchal and Himachal package with its details:

1. Best of Himachal – 10 Days | 9 Nights
Shimla (2 Nights) | Manali (3  Nights) | Dharmshala (1 Night) | Dalhousie (2  Nights) | Parwanoo (1 Night)

2. Beautiful Himachal – 9 Days | 8 Nights
Shimla (2  Nights) | Manali (3 Nights) | Dharmshala (1Nt) | Dalhousie (2 Nights)

3. Beautiful Uttaranchal – 8 Days | 7 Nights
Mussoorie (2 Nights) | Nainital (3 Nights) | Corbett Park (2 Nights)

4. Discover Himachal – 11 Days | 10 Nights
Chandigarh (1 Nt) | Shimla (2  Nights) | Manali (3  Nights) Dharmshala (1 Night) | Dalhousie (2  Nights) | Amritsar (1 Nt)

5. Enchanting Uttaranchal – 9 Days | 8 Nights
Nainital (3  Nights) | Almora (1 Nt) | Kausani (1 Nt) | Ranikhet (1 Night) | Corbett Park (2  Nights)

6. Blissful Himachal – 7 Days | 6 Nights
Shimla (2 Nights) | Manali (3 Nights) | Chandigarh (1 Night)

TravelPort Holidays India Pvt. Ltd.
311, Shalimar Morya Park
Off New Link Rd, Andheri (W)-400053, Mumbai
Tel: 91-22-26742222, 26735511/22/33/44/77/88
Fax: 91-22-26734499
Toll free: 1600 22 24 26

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