Chalking out a corporate gifting and incentive plan

Employees when working for any company look for motivation and job satisfaction. They require incentives to work in an organization with complete dedication and commitment. Lack of motivation can lead to indifferent performance. So it is necessary to motivate your employees for a vibrant workplace.

Corporate gifting and incentive plan is also necessary to enhance team building. This can be achieved in numerous ways. Firstly, go for a corporate gift plan that will build a wave of enthusiasm among the employees and foster a spirit of healthy competition among different team members.

Secondly, choose a corporate gift that you are certain would be appreciated by your employees and will be cherished for a long time. Remember that anything you do to motivate your team members will have a rewarding effect.

As companies try to make sure that their employees give their best to sustain their growth rate in today’s challenging times, they must take steps to ‘motivate’ them by offering small but timely and ‘real’ incentives so they deliver quality results. After all, motivation is what makes a business grow.

The best way of motivating your employees is to offer products of their choice as special incentives like T-shirts, pens, cell phones, diaries, bags, a holiday package or even a treat to their favorite restaurant. This will prompt employees to work harder.

Take your whole team on a special outing and give them the gift. It will please them more than anything. A gift wrapped in a silver shining paper laced with a superb ribbon will add glitter to it. It would be a good idea to write a small handwritten note appreciating the efforts of the team members along with the gift as a personalized gesture.

Ultimately what really matters is the sincere efforts made by you to bond all the members as part of a spirited and united team.

A look into the performance of Book and gift retailers

An insightful report looking into the performance of Book and gift retailers against the backdrop prevailing economic scenario has some heartening indications. The recent report in the Economic Times by Writankar Mukherjee and Sreeradha D Basu point to the fact that gifting has managed to beat slowdown to some extent.

Giving a perspective on the Book and gift retailers’ performance, the story goes on to note: “At a time when the organized retail sector in India worth Rs 27,000 crore is facing its worst ever crisis, the book-and gift retailing segment appears to be the least affected.”

The report points out that leading book retail chains in the country such as Landmark, RPG Retail’s Books & Beyond and Crossword have reported only a marginal negative impact on their sales. In fact, they are witnessing a rapid revival in customer offtake.

According to an estimate, the pure-play organized book retailing in the country is well over Rs 300 crore. The same grew around 25 percent before the slowdown hit the plans. 

Giving a clearer picture, Himanshu Chakrawarti, Landmark chief operating officer, has been quoted as saying that growth will get affected this fiscal year. However, the hit will be marginal. The industry’s overall sales growth has come down by just about 15 to 20%, far less than apparel, groceries, lifestyle retail.

Book retailing is clearly emerging as a recession-proof market segment in India. In fact, the book-and-gift retail venture of Tata group, Landmark, is experiencing a sales growth of roughly 18-20%. It operates 25 stores across the country. Interestingly, most of these have a strong merchandise mix of movies, toys, music and gifts.

Arvind K Singhal, retail consultancy Technopak Advisors chairman, expects books-and-gifts retail to retain its growth momentum. According to him, people prefer to read a lot during economic slowdown. The number of social occasions is also going up, triggering gift sales, he reasons.

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Kitchen gadgets worth gifting to your bachelor friend or colleague

Making breakfast every morning can be a cumbersome exercise if you are on your own; more so when you are in a real rush to leave for work or college. For those who really care for their friends and colleague, this presents an excellent gift option! Here are some Kitchen gadgets that are worth gifting to your bachelor friend or colleague…

A machine can toast your bachelor friend’s waffles to perfection. You can consider the KitchenAid Nickel Pearl waffle iron. The gadget comes at roughly at about Rs 12,000. The handy accessory rotates for evenness. It offers browning options. You can buy on the Internet the Breville Panini Griddle and BBQ for preparing bread and coffee combo.

You may buy the Morphy Richards Food Fusion, for your friend who wants a glassful of fresh juice or even a nutritious smoothie. It comes at about Rs 8,000. The pick of the lot is the Vita-Mix CIA Professional Onyx Bar Blender that comes at about Rs 29,000. It will chop, knead, grate, mince, juice, purée, blend as well as mix – everything to change the texture of food!

The Egg and Muffin Toaster is another perfect solution. In a matter of minutes, it can boil or poach two eggs, simultaneously toasting bagels, bread, Muffins or something else can fit into the toasting slots. The Egg and Muffin Toaster will save your friend from a hungry morning rush.

There are some more interesting options from Morphy Richards India that sure are good gift options. One among them is 2-Slice Sandwich Press (Price: Rs. 3995). Its floating hinged top plate can toast different types of breads. Its adjustable height control is perfect for open sandwiches and melts. Other features are ready to cook and power on neons; and easy to clean non-stick plates. 

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Gift options ideal for foodies

An informative article in the Business Standard by Rrishi Raote suggests some smart gadgets that will help preparing breakfast just at the press of a button. These can make perfect gifting ideas for hostel students and bachelors.  Here are some of gadget ideas cooked up to have your friend’s early-morning foodstuff ready in no time…

The article mentions: ‘It is so much fun to be a ‘food snob’. There was a time it was simply wine & cheese over which people would generally put their noses up into the air. Today almost every class of food tends to have its praise-singers. Patés, truffles and sauces made with skill are very desirable.

“Traditional breakfast foods such as idlis, parathas, French toast, poha and omelettes all demand time and some amount of skill to make, as well as fresh ingredients. That is not easy when breakfast has now shrunk to a mere energy booster between hurried office commute and morning alarm.

No surprise, the instant foods have done well out of breakfast: ready pancake mixes, cold and hot cereals, granola bars that you can slurp up, and grab on your way out.”

Although the range of options is limited, appliance-makers and innovative product designers will offer you some stylish gifting ways to breakfast, just at the flick of a switch. It will offer convenience for someone on his or her own. What are those brisk breakfast gadgets? The article offers some exciting options…

“First, coffee!  If your friend is a coffee snob, you can buy an expert coffee machine. However, Morphy Richards’ exclusive Roma Pump Espresso Coffee Maker does not come cheap. It is priced at Rs 9,995. Your friend can enjoy a high-pressure machine that extracts flavor quicker and better from ground coffee. Kenwood’s machine at Rs 11,990 is another good option.

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Are you purchasing a gift for your male friend? Read on…

We have previously discussed ‘the nightmare of getting gifts for men’ in one of our previous blog posts.

A news report on eve of the Valentine’s Day celebrations underlines the very fact that it can really be tough to get a gift particularly for a man. It points out: “If you perhaps think it is as easy as selecting a gift for a woman, you may have to think again! But choosing an appropriate gift especially for men is indeed a tough task.”

The report point outs even men agree to the fact that it can get difficult to purchase a gift for their male friends. Quoting Actor Samir Soni who states, “The entire trip of selecting gifts can be saved from becoming a real nightmare, if the individual you are gifting it to is there with you.”

As he suggests the best option for this dilemma is to take your male friend along with you and let him get what he likes. However, some men think the whole confusion lies with the male friend for whom one is getting a gift.

Actor Swapnil Joshi states, “If you happen to know the person well and visit the shopping mall with some clarity in mind, choosing a gift is not an issue.” Most men state they dislike getting gifts. For instance, actor Umar Wani states, “I do not expect really anything (material). However, I do not mind if someone decides to gift me nice cologne. Even I would prefer gifting some good cologne in case I have to gift a male friend.”

Apart from cologne, there are many other interesting gifting options such as games, holiday vouchers, sports gear etc can be gifted to men. Swapnil adds, “I do not mind holiday vouchers (as a gift).” He suggests gifts should be chosen from a wide range including clothes, games, party, holiday vouchers, which would be great.

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Apt gift ideas in today’s economically challenging times

An apt gift in today’s economically challenging times for someone you care can be in form of a long-term investment tool, strategy and advice. You can suggest ways and means to help someone close to you for planning his/her investment. Your active support and help can prompt your partner, friend, relative or your colleague to work towards fiscal discipline.

You can perhaps consider a time-tested and more traditional investment avenue like the monthly income schemes (MIS) with the post office. Through the post office MIS, you on behalf of your partner can invest a lumpsum amount and the latter can earn a decent interest amount on a monthly basis.

Even mutual funds run such schemes with a higher risk but greater returns involved. These are called Systematic Investment Plans (SIP).

Apart from gold to be discussed separately in another blog post, you can make your partner get a good health insurance policy to secure his or her future financial health in case of an illness. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of recurring premiums, opt for a single-premium policy.

The stock market currently is in discount mode. Several large-cap stocks are available at low valuations.  In a way, this is the right time to even sponsor the opening of your friend’s or your partner’s demat account. You may even buy some good shares to get it going.

The ongoing tax-saving season offers you with the perfect opportunity to help your friend or spouse plan his/her tax saving. An equity-linked savings plan (ELSS) with a good track record would prove to be the ideal choice.

If you help your friend or colleague put money in ELSS now, he or she will get the units at a lower rate or NAV, and the investor can reap rich rewards once things get rosier at the bourses.

You may be used to gift flowers and throw candlelight dinners, but in today’s extraordinary times of uncertainty, such out-of-the-box gift ideas will serve a deeper need and create a lasting impact, the ET article rightly concludes.

Plan a special anniversary gift to match your level of involvement

With a bit of planning and innovative thinking, you can ensure a fun-filled and romantic marriage anniversary.

Love tends to chart its own undefined course. Your marriage life also must have been filled with various intense moments and shades of emotions. Relive those memories and choose a gift so that he or she appreciates the time spent with you, your loving gesture and accepts the apparent or subtle message that your gift conveys the joys and even challenges shared by both of you.

A gift will mark the celebration of your relationship. Of course, tastes of different persons are understandably different; there is no such thing really as an ideal or utopian gift.

Instead of pushing that last-minute delivery of flowers or rushed reservation request at a restaurant, think of your gift well in advance and work out your gift idea and a romantic spot with some thought and planning.

Create the right mood; dress your bed eclectically. Decorate a vase on a bedside table; spread the fragrance with some fresh flowers. The idea is when your partner walks in, she or he will get a real surprise!

Buying a set of soft silk sheets in colors such as dark maroon, silver would make a good idea. It can be bought at any local linen or branded upholstery showroom. Make it a point to give him or her special anniversary gift to match your level of involvement and the intensity of your love. In fact, a deciding factor in what you gift should be how committed both of you are to each other.

A thoughtful gift is one that counts and brings smile on the receiver’s face. Take the effort to gift something your partner really aspires for. This well might be a genre of book or music he or she had mentioned to you. If the person loves collecting, get something worthy for the collectibles’ shelf.

Remember, it’s not about how much you spend to get the gift; it’s more about the gesture you make and the efforts you take to make a gift far more meaningful and personal. Gifts act as a perfect reflection of your sentiments towards someone special in your life.

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Gifts to relive those golden moments with your partner

Is your marriage anniversary just round the corner? You obviously want to relive those golden moments with your partner. If you are still unclear about what to really gift him or her on this memorable occasion, there is no need to worry.

We offer you some simple albeit interesting gift ideas:

Giving your partner something he or she has been thinking to buy for a while is a perfect way to display your love. It’s showing that you care about his or her tastes and understand what makes him or her truly happy.

You can conceive a more personal gift like cuff links, a watch or locket engraved with his or her initials or a very special message. Consider making a scrapbook of photographs and mementos of your beautiful relationship.

A picture perfect photo frame will also work. All you require is a good quality photo frame. Pick one that jells well with her or his personality – not necessarily a mushy one. Rummage through your old photo albums to strike a memorable note on this romantic occasion!

Opt for any moment-defining like one on the birthday, anniversary or your first ever photo snapped together. Glass cube frames make a good choice, as they let you put three photos instead of one, as in a regular frame.

From the day you met your lover until today, you must have amassed some great memories. Jot them down with a touch of sentiment and gift it to him or her with a single red rose. Pick a classy leather trimmed diary, ideally with a buckle to close it.

And don’t forget to personalize your gift with some engraving. This will make your gift romantic and sweet.

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Salman Khan goes ‘flat’; gifts one to Kat


Valentine’ Day is all about proclaiming one’s love. And who knows this better than Salman Khan. He does not miss an opportunity to make public his feeling about charismatic Katrina Kaif. There is no way that he would miss out on Valentine’ Day.

As a gossipy bit in a magazine reports: “Their love is literally touching the skies. Earlier, the two used to hit the headlines for their differences and frequent tussles but now the things are something different. Nowadays, we only get to hear the romantic stories of their love. With each passing day, the two are coming closer as they are able to read one another’s heart in a far better way. They do not anymore get into any sort of unnecessary arguments or brawl.”

People would differ whether Sallu is an expert or not in wooing his lady love but he is doing everything possible to keep his Kat happy. The couple often goes out for a nice candle-light dinner. Salman Khan also brings a smile on her radiant face with a surprise visit on her shooting sets. As Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, Sallu has a fantastic gift ready for her to broaden the smile. He has decided to gift her one plush flat in the posh western suburb of Bandra, according to media reports.

The location of the flat and its design appealed to Salman Khan so much that the actor has already made up his mind to purchase it and gift it to Katrina on February 14. He actually wanted to finish the interior decoration work before he could gift her. He has reportedly given the task of decorating it to Suzanne Khan (Hrithik Roshan’s wife). Salman will also decorate the living room wall with a pretty portrait of Katrina.

So, what you are going to gift to your ‘Kat’?

Captivating corporate business Gift resource

The term ‘Corporate Gifts’ is often used very liberally or loosely to denote voluntary give and take in the business world. Its interpretation is done differently by different people. And it has different connotations to different people and occasions. The fact remains that corporate gifting is an integral element of marketing and relationship building.

It needs to be kept in mind that most business houses do not allocate huge budgets for the purpose of gifting. The manufacturer of gifting articles has to employ creativity and innovation coupled with customization to suit the client needs is essential.

It is essential to exactly know what the client is seeking given the budget and occasion as well as who is the recipient. There are corporate clients who prefer to send one large, impressive gift during the festival or holiday season. It is always important to interact with them to understand their mindset and corporate philosophy.

D’signer Effects is a leading name of corporate gift and mementos. The division of Designer Watches Ltd., they deal with corporate gifting. Exclusive gifts are conceived in the most innovative form with D’signer Effects.

Every gorgeous gift or promotional item from the D’signer Effects carries exquisite craftsmanship their wonderful watches and time wear are renowned for. It is for sure your one stop solution for every kind of corporate gifting activity in the most avant-garde form and style. D’signer Effects have established themselves as a proven expert in corporate gifting.

Their blending of innovative brains and skilled craftsmanship means they can provide concepts and execute ideas for dealing with all promotional activities. Their expertise largely lies in conducting ground promotions, events, handling products, contests, and retailing. Their range of gift and promotional items is exceptional.

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