Take a cue from Rani Mukerji for a fitness-friendly gift

Take a cue from Rani Mukerji for a fitness-friendly gift In the previous post, we found out Anil Ambani took to weight reduction. By the way, the film, tracing his fat to lean look, is releasing on January 23. It has Bikram Saluja playing the role of Anil Ambani. The film will replicate his younger days, when he tended to be overweight.

In fact, from business to Bollywood and to politics, CEOs, stars and leaders are all striving to get fit. For all those who chided Rani Mukerji for her being overweight, there is a surprise. She has her strong riposte ready.

The actor looked slimmer, the audiences would have noticed, in a ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ song sequence. She indeed has lost about three kilos. This is because she is religiously and regularly sweating it out in the gym six days a week for over an hour.

Media reports also suggest that Rani does at least three days of weight training followed by three days of yoga to burn fat. She wants to get fitter to get into the shoes, literally of a cricket coach in her new project with Yash Raj Films. Working out is not the only thing that she is doing to get a leaner body. Also on her agenda is diet control.

Quoting sources, the news report states that Rani Mukerji is on a ‘no oil, no sugar’ diet. Butter, cheese, chocolates are taboo. Salads and juice form part of her controlled diet that would not build any fat in her body. Rani has sought the help of Satyajit Chourasia, who trained Aamir Khan to secure that stunning body in ‘Ghajini’.

Here is a cue for you. If you have a friend, relative or a colleague who has a tendency to put on weight fast irrespective of their diet habits and lifestyle, you can gift them some healthy eating books, low-fat food or exercise tools. You can help them in their quest to maintain themselves that much more.

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Race to get fit, the Anil Ambani way

You would tend to think that business tycoon Anil Ambani would have an issue with a film revolving around his ‘fat boy’ days, now that he has managed to knock off the flab. He has established his credentials as a professional runner (the Mumbai Marathon saw him right in front of the pack).

But the ADAG chief tycoon appears to be extremely secure with himself, noted a DNA news report, which mentions that he has not made any effort to stop the release of the new film ‘42 kms’.

The report by Soumyadipta Banerjee mentions: “Ambani has given the filmmakers a go-ahead (over e-mail).” This is what he wrote to the film producer, Vicky Tejwani, when he was informed of a character in the movie almost based on him. “Hi Vicky, I do not mind…Thanks a lot. I will not be able to attend the film’s premiere owing to prior commitments. But I wish the best for the film. Regards, Anil…”

Director Nisha Chainani has been quoted as saying: “We informed Anil Ambani via email about the film. Instead of preventing us from filming those scenes, he wished us all the best.”

She got to know about his weight problem while being part of a group ‘the Hash Run’ six years ago. She heard how the taunts about his weight prompted him to take up exercise and to take part in the Boston Marathon.

The point we are making is health and fitness has become a core activity for celebrities despite their hectic lifestyle. So, why should be left behind. If you want to spread the message, there can be not better way than gifting a fitness gadget to your colleagues, bosses and relatives to encourage them to stay fit.

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Swiss Military Products are perfect for gifting


Outlining their vision, Swiss Military Products SA mentions: “Today’s youths have leapfrogged from the socialist culture to the more money spending one. They are brand conscious and hardly have qualms about flaunting the same. The ego enhancing image is now considered ‘cool’! Disposable income and independent decision making makes the new generation take risks. We vow to fulfill their dreams by bringing eclectic items with unmatched quality to them.

They also endeavor to establish themselves as a corporate gifting brand. Explaining the rationale, they mention: “Large multinational business houses would much rather like to associate with a successful and popular worldwide brand rather than an unbranded item that could be manufactured in any part of the Asian world without any commitment to quality. The core of their operating philosophy is delivering Swiss quality at affordable prices.”

This is well reflected in the Swiss military & Alpine Club range of products, including exclusive collection of Swiss-made accessories that are elegant, comfortable and timeless. They are exclusively created to please the receiver and ensure that you deliver personal satisfaction through your gift thanks to its durability and functionality.

What makes their products desirable are quality and designs tuned to international trends. Swiss Military and Alpine Club are for those who want the best in terms of performance and looks! 

A trusted name in the domain of corporate gifting

Ensuring that quality is available at affordable prices is the prime goal of Swiss Military Products S. A., a renowned organization that has come up with Premium Swiss Lifestyle Products in the country. Their team has hit on a unique marketing formula, which along with the exquisite quality of Swiss brands has helped them carve a niche for themselves in the corporate gifting industry.

The product range is identified with precision, finesse and quality. It reflects their commitment to customers. Their exclusive positioning in the marketplace has allowed them to enjoy a huge success in the domain of corporate gifting. In its first year of operations itself, the company opened quite a few Swiss Junction exclusive retail outlets in New Delhi and other metros of the country.

Some of them are noted below: 
Westend Mall Ludhiana
72, The Great India Place, Sector-38, Noida
M-7, GK, M-Block Market, Part-I, Delhi
G-7A, Mega Mall, Andheri (W), Mumbai

With their spectacular product spectrum, they also are looking to establish their brand in the Corporate World by positioning their products as high-end gifts/ promotional items at truly affordable prices. Their intention of providing best quality allows them to assure customization services like Laser Engraving, Vacuum Gold/ Silver plating, Vinyl cuts and High quality printing and Embossing for their esteemed clients.

Exquisite product varieties suited for corporate environment

Swiss Military Products S. A. is a renowned organization, which has been instrumental in introducing several Premium Swiss Lifestyle Products. The products have been brought to the Indian markets under the brand ‘Swiss Military’ & ‘Alpine Club of Switzerland’.

The firm is the Master Franchisee for the brands that also sells its Hanowa watches in 40 different countries as well as its whole range of quality products through over 700 outlets in Switzerland.

The exquisite products being marketed in India make a premium lifestyle & gift accessories. These include Baggage, Watches, Writing Instruments, and Accessories such as Cigarette Lighters, Mugs, Torches, Key Chains, Hip Flasks, etc.

To segregate the distinct product categories ‘Alpine club of Switzerland’ includes various Accessories, Baggage & Garments, whereas Swiss Military comprises Watches, Writing Instruments, Baggage & Garments. The former caters to the more outgoing, adventurous and casual segment, whereas ‘Swiss Military’ has more professional and formal image. So, it addresses a different target audience.

The bandwidth helps the franchisee to be able to offer product varieties for each and every customer in the corporate environment. The brands are available at their exclusive outlets run under the banner of ‘SWISS JUNCTION’.

Marketing such brands has stemmed from the very realization that there exists a huge and significant gap between the high-end products that are available in the market with exorbitant prices and those aiming for mass scale production but with little room for  quality and finish. 

Selecting the perfect gift for your man

In the last blog, we discussed how women find it difficult to pick gifts for men. But then there are women who tend to take an easy way out — either by gifting cards, cash or a gift voucher. The men can utilize the gift voucher or cash to buy whatever they want.

A media professional mentions in the DNA article by doing this she ensures that none of her gifts is turned down. According to her, she either gives vouchers or takes her friend to shopping along with her. So there is no problem when it comes to understanding the persons’ likes or dislikes in terms of style, size, colors, etc. Many women opt for branded gadgets or electronics. But here again personal likes and dislikes cone into play.

Thankfully, many gifting stores and experts help you select the perfect gift. The owner of Nuggets, Anju Poddar, is willing to offer advice for buying gifts for men. Nuggets is an elaborate gifting store. The professional understands that shopping for gifts for men is often a problem since there are fewer options available. One of the safest options is a bottle of whisky or wine.

Ironically, the gifting expert herself faces a problem while selecting a gift for her husband. So what then is the perfect gift for your man, going beyond usual belts, bags, wallets, clothes and cufflinks? One way out is buying something useful. Accessories can be a safe option if you are not sure about his choice.

A partner at Gifted Lifestyles, Kanchan Khubchandani, suggests grooming products. They are a big hit, in the backdrop of the metrosexual mania. Some women simply follow their instinct, and buy what their heart tells them is right for their man, and that does the trick for them!

Lost while buying gifts for your man?

‘What do get as a gift for your man?’ This the question women often ponder over with no definite clue. Though there is no unique or even generalized solution, you can certainly learn from experience or get tips from your more experienced friends. 

In fact, there was an interesting article on this topic by writer Joanna Lobo titled ‘The ordeal of buying gifts for men’ that appeared in the DNA News recently. The writer had a rather curious statement to make.” Ask a woman to climb a mountain, she will willingly do it. Ask her to climb it backwards; she may not do it, but will definitely give it a try!  However, ask the same female to get a gift for her husband/brother/boyfriend, and she may perhaps balk at the idea. For most females, getting gifts for their men is rather an arduous job.”

The main reason is non-availability of ideal gifts and also the fact that most men tend to shy away from memorabilia. Women will gush over how the clothes, jewelry, or a small knick-knack gifted to them. They will exclaim that it fits perfectly in so & so place or how the gifted item will match one of their particular outfits.

However, gift a showpiece to a man and his first question would be “where to put this?” The article quotes computer engineer Sandeep Bamane who faced this dilemma. Two of his enterprising friends presented him with a penholder.

It was a skeleton that held a basketball. “They thought it would be useful for me. But I hated it,” was his reaction. Many may believe that gifting a guy something weird and wacky is preferable. But that again does not always hold true. So what is the way out? We shall check out tomorrow…

Attractive corporate gifting avenue


We acquaint you with a whole new dynamic world of corporate gifting. As you would agree, the act of gifting goes a long way in stimulating and enhancing business and personal relations and also making the receiver feel that he or she is really important to you.

Manoharlal Omprakash & Company (moco) is a reliable avenue for attractive corporate gifts. They assure you both excellent quality and service. This is possible because they have cultivated themselves into a partnership concern that has highly qualified and professional partners/executives who provide their clients precise and professional gifting ideas.

They are among the leading manufacturers and corporate suppliers of many novel gifts and promotional items for close to three decades. They have served many distinguished and established business houses who remain their loyal corporate customers.

Spelling out their repute and reliability, their website notes: “We have many unique items of interest aimed at corporate GIFTING. The idea is to serve our valuable and precious customers.”

They provide you with a varied range of cost effective products for gifting as well as for Promotional purpose. Among the wide range of gifts on offer are: pharmaceutical Giveaways; ball Pens; key chains; torches; table lamps, desktop items; wall and table clocks; calendars, other utility items such as telephone and date diaries, office-cum-traveling bags, wallets and pouches. There are many more exciting gift items on offer that you can check by visiting their website or by getting in touch with them at the following address:

427, Chira Bazar, Odhavji Bhuvan, 1st Floor, 
R No. 12, J.S.S Road, Girgaum Road,
Mumbai 400 002
Telephone No.: 2208 6115
Tele fax No.: 22056115 

Mobile: 9820434108 / 9820651150
E-mail: moco@rediffmail.com

Finer aspects of saving tax by gifting to ‘relatives’

Under the Section 56(2)(vi) provisions, certain gifts are tax able as ‘income from other sources’. The provision is applicable for individuals as well as Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs).

If a gift is received by a Trust or A.O.P., it is not taxable as ‘income from other sources’. Check the provisions of the Section for the taxation of gift amount in a given financial year. It is crucial to understand the definition of the term ‘relative’.

A gift received by an individual from one’s spouse, or from one’s sister or brother, or from the spouse’s sister or brother, parents, or from a lineal ascendant/descendant of oneself (or one’s spouse) would be fully tax exempt normally. Also, any gifts of any amount whatsoever received from the spouses of any of these would be completely tax exempt.

Whenever one opts to give or receive any gift from one’s relatives, one must apply the test carefully to determine whether the individual concerned falls within one of the categories of ‘relatives’. If not so, the person would be considered a non-relative and gifts from him or her would be exempt only up to the defined extent in a financial year. It may also be noted that since a HUF cannot have relatives, gifts received by it in excess of the prescribed limit in a financial year would be liable to full taxation.

Some people are under a (false) impression that the act of gifting cash by itself will translate into automatic tax deduction. They are confused over the fact whether gifting would lead to a lower TDS deduction on salary. The reply is NO.

There is no deduction on tax per se for gifting to family. The tax planning strategy should seek to optimize post-tax income, (after having done with tax liabilities). Someone in the highest tax bracket when opts to invest in a FD from money out of one’s post-tax salary, the FD interest gets fully taxable.

However, if one was to gift this amount to one’s parents who invest the same, the interest earned would become tax free. However, this would not directly affect the TDS deduction. Keep in mind the fact that beyond a point, tax-saving through gifting is not possible.

Gifting cash to parents and saving tax

In the previous posting, we explained to you how gifting can be extremely helpful in tax planning. We now understand the finer aspects of this. People are worried that, the income from the source that contributed to the gifts would get ultimately clubbed in their hands. Some are even concerned about attracting a gift tax.

One should know that gift tax has been terminated since October 1, 1998. There are no worries over attracting any gift tax. Clubbing provisions will come into play in case of gifts to minor children and spouse. Major (above 18) family members (barring spouse) can be gifted any amount of money freely without the donor falling into the clubbing net.

However, there has to be clarity regarding the procedure and whether it is required to make a gift deed on a valid stamp paper. Generally, it is better to make a gift deed and have it registered (with due stamp duty). Such a step is only necessary for making high-value gifts like real estate.

For other ‘tax-free’ gifting transactions, all a donor needs to do is make a gift and the acceptance of the same by the recipient. In simple terms, the donor can make the gift and the recipient should accept it in writing (even a thank you note will do). Once this is done, it be would considered a gift. Preferably, mention the relationship between the recipient and the donor. Both sides concerned should retain this formal document for ready reference if and when needed.

Some people are worried over the fact that making a gift to parents may make it mandatory of the latter to file a return. Well, the purpose of this exercise is that the income from the gift should not lead to any taxable income.

Hence, care should be taken to make sure that the income made from the gifted amount does not take your parents’ income above the taxable level. Ideally, consult an expert to avoid any confusion!