‘Ethical gifting’ catches fancy

The gesture of gifting has now taken a whole new context and meaning. Ethical gifting seems to be the buzzword, not restricted to the corporate sector alone. The trend now encompasses a range of actions like raising funds for a noble cause or pledging your wonderful wedding gift, supporting and helping an NGO, etc.

A DNA India news report by Sanghamitra Bhowmik points out that gifting has taken on an entirely new dimension with the internet. GiveIndia’s is one among the noteworthy innovations. The site has a webpage titled ‘iGive’, which can be used by visitors to raise funds for a specific cause or mission that they support or espouse.

Amita Chauhan of GiveIndia has been quoted as saying: “We once had a couple that donated the money they had received in gift during their wedding to an NGO of their choice.” 

Gifting eco-friendly products also has caught the fancy of the socially conscious class.
The proprietor of eco-friendly gift shop Eco Corner, Urvashi Mody has been in the business for over two and a half years. They already have several repeat customers for such gifts. Mody sources these eco-friendly products from across the country, as she claims. Her shop displays a variety of them including jute items, stationary, craft products designed by the tribal people and the underprivileged.

Nyassa in the western suburbs of Mumbai is another body that has on offer its line of nourishing natural body & beauty products that it produces and distributes. It was launched in 2007 by Ishwin Anand. The products are manufactured with essential oils and entirely natural materials.

Eco-friendly packaging is also becoming popular.

Teachers’ worst Christmas gifts, popular gifts, etc

The tradition of gifting on the eve of Christmas seems to have started with the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus. As mentioned in the Bible’s book of Matthew, “On coming to the house they saw the child with his mother Mary and they bowed down and worshipped him. They then opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, incense and of myrrh…” There are some curious gift categories that we came across, including teachers’ worst Christmas gifts, popular gifts, etc. 

Usually teachers love to get pressies from their pupils on Christmas eve, but often what they get is a bit weird, a BBC NEWS report points out. It mentions a golden horse statue, a raw chicken and a glass fish among the stranger gifts they have been given.

For those planning to buy a present for their teacher, and wondering what they should, BBC Newsround spoke to a cross-section of teachers in the UK to find out the worst things they  can or have received at Christmas.

It noted: “Among the worst things teachers said to get was perfume, which smells really bad! Another was chocolate, particularly if it is out-of-date, or one that is half-eaten! And the worst thing that pupils can possibly gift their teachers on Christmas eve are some really tacky ornaments. But do not worry if you are not planning to give your teacher a pressie, or perhaps you cannot afford to get much.”

You do not spend loads, but simply try to ensure that your gift is as personal and unusual as possible. According to the government, the report mentions in a lighter and literal vein, teachers are not allowed to give pupils higher ranks only because they have given them nice gifts!
Try the Christmas quiz 

Incidentally, BBC NEWS published another report on a host of hostile Christmas gifts. All were found to be counterfeit as well as dangerous.

Curiously, Ipod has topped the list of contemporary Christmas gifts. A news report mentions: “Looks like assorted gift givers and secret Santas worldwide have found an easy gift option (the Ipod). It has sold over 150 million units since first launched in 2001.”

Classic diamond earrings came second as the preferred gift item, closely followed by the Nintendo Wii. The popular games console works by detecting the players’ movement is very much in demand. A Tiffany necklace stood fourth. Gadgets are proving to be popular with a laptop, Nintendo Gameboy and Playstation 3 all voted into the top 50.

Greeting and gifting ideas for X’mas and New Year

It is X’mas!, an interesting write-up by Abhilasha Ojha in Business Standard, exhorts us to simply forget the recession just for a while. It suggests that all of us also should hold our thoughts as far as the threat of terror is concerned and that we should for the moment stop thinking about all that is negative and find some excuse to be a part of the festive season.

The writer has suggested some colorful ideas to soak in the spirit of Christmas, who mentions: “Clothing brands are all geared up for the season with some truly exciting creations. Let me Be, a popular women’s brand, for example, has just unveiled its catchy Christmas collection. It is full of reds, whites, greens, and has created magnificent magic with rich fabrics like satins, wool, fleece and silks.”

There is a hint of embellishments that comes with precious stones like pearls and diamonds, and accompanied by a whisper of lace and sequins. Puffed sleeves, pleated necklines along with classic cuts and a liberal usage of motifs make sure that there is sophistication along with an elegant element of play. (Rs 5,000 onward at Ensemble and Amara)

You can also say it with cards. We often tend to underestimate the positive impact of greeting cards on people. The writer exclaims” “I do not mean those run-of-the-mill greeting cards. Gorgeous hand-paper varieties are available (also those in recycled paper). There are so many do-it-yourself books on the shelves (like Cheryl Owens’), you can use to try create your own greeting card at home.

If you are lazy, you may visit New Delhi’s Anandz Creations, where the card-maker Anand has on offer some wonderful designs with jute, brass and recycled products (Rs 95 onward). You can frame one of these and have it mounted. Another option the writer suggests is New Greeting Card Project by Himanshu Verma. It is an annual feature, which brings forth art on cards (Rs 150 each).

Read the complete article here

Safeguard your near and dear ones with safety gadgets

One’s home is one’s castle, goes the saying. But homes nowadays won’t normally feature drawbridges, moats and ramparts, to keep off unwanted visitors. Now, a house alarm, preferably a full-fledged and managed home security system, is an essential feature to make sure that one’s family and possessions are safe.

A Business Standard news report by Priyanka Joshi & Aabhas Sharma (December 6, 2008) mentions: “The electronic security market is worth Rs 1,800 crore. It is clocking a CAGR growth of 30 per cent.” It quotes vice-president & business head of Godrej Security’s equipment division D E Byramjee: “Today people demand a doubly safe, easy to operate and cost-effective security solution for their homes. Even if there’s a watchperson at the gate, owners still want to identify the person at their door.”

For this purpose, Godrej has introduced video doorphones. These are priced in the range of Rs 8,000-15,000 that help users view every caller at the door and even talk to them before opening the door.

Security systems that you can consider for yourself or for your family, friends and colleagues as a gift item are:
• Burglar alarm systems
• Video surveillance & doorphones
• Wall-mounted air sensors
• Motion detectors
• Two-way key fobs
• Wi-Fi cameras

According to the software implementation and support head of Micro Technologies, Milind Londhe, “Security is something that cannot be compromised on. People now have realised this hence are looking to implement effective security solutions.”

Security solutions manufacturers like Honeywell Security have been coming up with intelligent video systems. There are multiple benefits of such systems. Starting at about Rs 22,000 (per camera), they are getting fast popular. With Bluetooth and infrared, most security gadgets are now available in wireless mode as well.

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Safety gadgets that you can consider gifting


Post terror attacks in Mumbai, security has become a big concern not only for corporate houses but also for homeowners. In such a scenario, gadgets that enhance and add to the safety and security of your stay at home and office will make a much appreciated gift. Here we present a range of security items that you can consider for gifting to your friends and relatives:
1. Burglar Alarm System- Its vital features are as follows:
Detects intrusion;
Wireless, 24×7 remote monitoring;
Detects gas leak;
Remote keys;
Easy to operate;
Price (approximate) Rs. 8000

2. B/W Video Door Phone- Its vital features are as follows:
Clear, bright pictures;
Allows 2-way communication;
Cast iron outdoor unit;
Visibility up to 25 ft
Price (approximate) Rs. 8000

3. Colour Video Door Phone- Its vital features are as follows:
Clear, bright pictures;
Crystal-clear speaker system;
Price (approximate) Rs. 17500

4. Electronic Gas Leak Sensor- Its vital features are as follows:
Detects gas leak;
In-built hooter gets activated;
2-hr battery back up;
Resistant to extreme temperatures
Price (approximate) Rs. 1000

Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd. is a leading player in the domain of corporate security products. Their latest venture is Retail Products (for HOME and RETAIL) courtsey which they have realeased several home safety products.

Image courtsey: Zicom

Ideas for gifting New Year diaries


When it comes to gifting diaries, you can get innovative and imaginative to leave a lasting impression on your client’s mind. For instance, some years ago, communication expert Mudar Patherya has in the past designed many unique diaries. Many of them were based on a specific theme, related to the company’s core business.

For instance, the lafarge diary was based on the theme ‘character is the only cement, which holds the world together’ and was full of anecdotal stories. On the other hand, the standard chartered diary was called ‘life’s savings, a bank of inspiration’. The diary had inspirational tales from sports, religion, and other domains of life.

You can get diaries designed with peace and harmony as the core theme for this year has witnessed many turbulent events with Mumbai being hit by terror attacks and leading metros of India having been exposed to bomb blasts. You can spread the message of prosperity and brotherhood and building of trust.

If you are looking to get the job done in quick time, ADINDIA is your option. They make diaries that are flawlessly and fluently printed on the finest quality of paper with easy to use and customized formats. In fact, customization is the key aspect of the whole exercise. You should look to strike a personal note with each client, even in your formal gifting exercise on eve of the New Year.

These diaries are bound in exquisite Leather/Leather Jackets, Leatherite, PC+ and Hard Bound, Vinyl & Wiro binding. They are accentuated further by gild-edged pages, handy ribbon markers and Tab Cutted Months besides inclusion of Year & Forward Planners, STD and ISD Codes, Travel and Meeting charts, Weights, Measures and Health Guide, World Time, Currencies, Airports, National and International Air Distances and City Guide Maps.

Do not go for too flashy concepts and gaudy designs this year, we suggest, since even the corporate world has been shaken by the tragic turn of events in the city of Mumbai. This year, the celebrations are likely to be more low-key, and you should not go overboard in your gifting exercise in keeping with the prevailing sentiment.

Gifting calendars and dazzling diaries on New Year eve


The exchange of catchy calendars and dazzling diaries is a corporate ritual that is invariably associated with the New Year celebrations. While these are seen as marketing tools by most firms, some go an extra mile so as to turn them into a brand building exercise.

You can either gift the conventional, formal-looking leather jacket diary or opt for a trendy, theme diary that is a collector’s item. For example, for exchanging the New Year greetings, a communications firm made diaries based on theme of human values and branded the same as ‘a companion in the journey of life’.

The diaries, which were gifted, carried interesting and thought-provoking anecdotal stories underlining human values. It was very well received and became a talking point among the corporate circles.

This year, if you are looking for an affordable albeit eye-catching option for New Year gifting, ADINDIA is your ultimate resource. They are the leaders in the domain of corporate gifting, especially diaries. ADINDIA presents the finest, the most sophisticated and exquisite range of classy corporate diaries and other gifts in genuine leather.

Their product range comprises:
• Business Organizers/Planners
• Theme Based Diaries
• Page a day/ Week Planning Diaries
• Management Diaries
• Executive Diaries
• Address Books / Notebooks
• Monthly Monitors
• Table and Personal Diaries
• Corporate Leather Gifts
• Appointment Desk Diaries
• Desk Tops
• Other Utility Gifts

ADINDIA Corporate Office: Aeskays House 2301, Gullian Street,
Dharampura, Dariba, Delhi 110 006
Tel.:  91-11-23254312 / 23281249
Fax:  91-11-23281249

22B, Venus, Navroji Vakil Street,
Grant Road (West)

Stationery set makes a functional, stylish gift

Unique and even ubiquitous stationery sets can make a nice gift to give simply because they are useful, highly functional and on top of that, they are not too expensive. They usually come with nice corresponding envelopes and other assortments for official or personal interaction such as sealing wax, stickers and pens or coloring markers. Here are some pertinent things to consider before you decide to give a stationery set:

• What is the style quotient of the person? For instance, is your gift recipient a female and will prefer more feminine styles? Or is it for someone who wants everything sleek and contemporary? Some people might be hesitant to use stationery that does not fit their personality so it is important to select stationary set that is appropriate for the recipient.

• Also, think of your budget. You could probably find expensive paper lined with gold leaf and costly golden-embossed or encrusted pens, but really, in the end, it’s just pens and paper.

• Paper quality is also an important factor. Most stationery sets will probably have good quality paper. However, you want to ensure that it does not comprise flimsy or very thin paper, which can be difficult to write on and looks cheap.

Finally, a nice touch could be added with personalized and monogrammed stationery. Have the recipient’s name or initials printed in fancy fonts on top of each sheet of paper or on pre-printed envelopes, making it a very personal and unique gift. Monogramming can add a classy touch to even a commonplace item. A thoughtfully selected stationery set can be a pleasure to receive.

Writing instruments for bulk corporate gifting

highlighter.jpgIf you are looking for truly functional and affordable bulk corporate gifting ideas, we recommend ADD Pen products for you. Check their wide variety as follows.

Premium Stationery series: 
Atom Pencil – Unique Sliding Mechanism  
Document Writer – It becomes your identity and your authority. 
Elite Class Lead – ADD presents an innovative mode of handling Pencil Lead.
Elite Class Pencil – This lightweight mechanical pencil is built to exacting tolerances. 
Highlighter – It’s high quality jumbo highlighter that comes in fluorescent yellow, pink & orange shades. 
Jumbo permanent markers – Their USP is their size as the name Jumbo suggests.

ADD Pens have many attractive offerings. Their Maestro projects an image of power and royalty. It’s a superb product, packed in attractive manner. ADD pens are available in elegant and classic designs. ADD Carbon-X is sleek and trendy and a perfect gifting idea for the new generation achievers.

Legacy is another jewel in their crown. ADD also presents a special Gem in theri “exclusives” series, namely ADD Envoy. Highness is to experience the pure joy of writing.  Let us check their roller pen series:
Alpha Roller pen leaves its stamp of authority. The ADD Roll Tech gives you an unbeatable combination of great features, functionality and sizzling looks. Diamond Roller comes in a classic shape yet it has contemporary design. If you want extra smooth writing, go for Pinxit. Symphony from ADD will give you an unforgettable writing experience.

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ADD pens: Ideal for Corporate Gifting

maestro.jpgADD Corporation Limited is among the undisputed leaders in writing instruments domain. ADD GEL is synonymous with exquisite quality writing instruments not only in the country but worldwide.

At ADD Corp., Quality is the topmost priority. Quality that stems from innovation, research and development, even while analyzing worldwide trends in writing technology, is the hallmark of ADD.

Its origin can be traced to the late eighties and early nineties when Mr. M.C. Jain who decided to set up factories in Gujarat. For this purpose, he formed a partnership firm M/s. Deepak Pens & Plastics with other family members. It manufactured and marketed low priced ball pens under the brand name ‘ADVERT’. They commenced operations with a manufacturing capacity of 1000 pens per day.

It became the first company in India to introduce gel pens in 1996. They leveraged the early mover advantage to commence exports in the year 2000. The Gel series and Roller series were launched under the brand name ‘ADD’. Gel series. In 2000, the company ventured into the global market and started exports of its products to many developed countries.

Getting further in to the gifting segment, ADD launched premium gifting solutions in writing under “ADD Exclusives” in 2004. This new launch was highly appreciated by the consumers. They have also launched their range of premium quality pens ‘Chrome’ and ‘Ezee’ that are perfect for corporate gifting.

What makes ADD Corp. an ideal choice for corporate gifting?
• A new benchmark set for product quality and pricing
• A pioneer in product innovation, introduction
• Proactive to consumer needs and aspirations
• Easy access; wider choice of products worldwide