The ultimate storage solution

You might have noticed your friend, colleague or one of your relatives need a capable media storage and organizational solution that will integrate into their home environment solution. Zip-up binders and CD Towers, unfortunately no longer meet the people’s needs.

However, now there is no need to worry as far as media storage is concerned. Innovative solutions are being evolved to match the consumer demands. discgear is one of them. It acts as the ultimate storage solution, and here is why?

discgear is perfect for those who are ‘organizationally inclined’ and ‘technically savvy’. It’s sure a complete media storage system that will offer a user a superb collection of storage products and software.

Music lovers with help pf Discgear can now ably organize and retrieve stacks of software CDs, data discs, as well as music CDs, with the new discgear system.

The movie and music buffs do not often know how really to manage their ever burgeoning media library, DVD, Blu-Ray, Wii, Xbox, PS3 and Computer Software.  But the trendy discgear units will provide them a respite. It can hold disks in a rugged carry-around case, that’s heat-n-scratch resistant. It comes with compact, double-sided self-cleaning, sleeve-dividers.

It’s a gift that scores not only on looks, but also on functionality, and is bound to be appreciated.

Corporate gifting solutions from


“Gifts subtly speak a language that is not bound any words or boundaries. It’s a language of reward, remembrance and appreciation. They are an inseparable aspect of any company culture and a means of honoring their valuable clients or staff.”

The above lines sum the spirit of ekco, a unique portal for corporate India’s on merchandising development plus loyalty enhancement solutions. It is in these crucial aspects that they provide clients with a great solution with their array of high quality gift selection ideas. Their versatile and innovative gift portfolio is geared to meet the specific and customized needs of the clients – regional, national and international – and their varied tastes.

ekco can be described as a truly one-of-a-kind initiative to aggregate all possible marketing collaterals under one umbrella. Specializing in innovative Gifting and Customized Promotions and Events, they bring to their client some of the most cost effective and scintillating solutions. They have expertise in diverse areas in the domain of gifting, including precise Product Sourcing; Delivery & Distribution; Loyalty Programs; Seasonal Gifting, and Customised Manufacturing.

ekco with years of professional expertise and experience in procurement and supply of catchy corporate gifts, personalised branding solutions, promotional items and execution of exclusive loyalty Programs retains its undisputed reputation for serving esteemed clientele from across a spectrum of industry segments such as pharmaceuticals, advertising agencies, FMCGs and even FIIs.

Using concise, yet creative search techniques, will help you in identifying peculiar gifts or programs that match your tastes and meet your needs.

Akshay Kumar’s gift for his son Aarav

Delving into the topic of celebrities and gifting, we just came across an interesting news report ‘Akshay’s gift for hi son Aarav’ that mentioned the busy actor is fast rushing through the remaining portion of his first animation film so that he is able to host an exclusive premier for his six-year-old son along with his friends before anybody else could get to see it.

And he has to do it fast, as the report mentions, quickly as Aarav is now losing his patience. Akshay wants to fulfill his son’s ardent wish and has been desperately asking all his colleagues to dub the film as soon as they could so that he can hold the screening.

He has been quoted as saying: “Yes Aarav (his son) wants to see Jumbo. He is so very excited about watching the film.” But there is a cute story behind what made Akshay’s beloved son come up with this request to his dad.

The report adds: “After coming back from Cape Town, Akshay has been carrying most of the voice rehearsals of this movie at his home at Andheri. And Aarav used to be there and sit beside his father while the rehearsals went on. The whole exercise of everyone shouting in some strange voices amazed the little boy. He giggles and claps throughout the sessions. He ensures that he does not miss any of these rehearsal sessions whenever he is at home.”

Aarav reportedly likes animation films. His favorites are Kunfu Panda and Shark Tale. Jumbo is a family tale. It talks about family values. Aarav got very excited after seeing the portions of it and he went up to his dad immediately, and screamed that he wanted to see the film along with his friends as soon as possible on the big screen. His wish has been granted.

Celebrities across the world and gifting


Gifts play an important role as they are the easiest way to express your sentiments. The gift should be such that it would make the receive feel special. It becomes even more lavish gesture when it is for high-profile individual from an equally high-profile individual.

Indeed, in case of celebrities, the whole connotation and scale of the gifting exercise changes as we pointed out in the previous blog! Here are more instances from across the globe that indicate what celebrities choose to gift and mark a special occasion.

– In what can be considered as one of the most ‘outrageously’ expensive gestures ever of love, the famed Hollywood Star Tom Cruise gifted his pregnant fiancée Katie Holmes a whopping $20 million Gulf Stream Jet as a present.

– Davaid Beckham, the England soccer star whom we have already mentioned, reportedly gifted Victoria a mere $8 million (going by Tom Cruise’s standard) Bulgari necklace on her birthday. He also reportedly spent $10,000 to fly out a team of chefs from London’s trendy restaurant Nobu to cook delicacies for her in Spain.

– Actor Richard Burton bought a diamond weighing 240.80 carats to gift it to Elizabeth Taylor. Following her divorce, she put one of the world’s largest diamonds up for sale for raising funds for a hospital.

– Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt gifted actress-wife Anjelina Jolie a gold ring that featured the birthstones of their (four) kids. (Incidentally, Angelina Jolie recently spent $65,000 to gift herself a horsehair mattress that would help her sleep well.

– Shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis presented his wife Jacqueline Kennedy her very own private Island in Greece.

On your part, you can let us know about the best gift that you have ever received or given. And also let us know why do you think it was the best?

What do the celebrities go for as a gift?

Gift is a voluntary act that does not ask for anything in return. In Everyone’s life there are happy occasions that one wants to remember throughout one’s life. Gifts make such occasions memorable.

It is said that the price tag of a gift does not decide its worth. It’s the sentiment and the sincerity that counts. Yet all of us are curious to know how the big and mighty celebrate the special occasions in their life and what kind of gifts they go for?

Not long ago, we had published a blog entry that reported: “If you happen to be David Beckham and are shopping for your moody wife, what is it that you will come up with to pamper her? You do not just spring for her some fine wine, you rather pick up the entire winery. And this is what exactly Beckham did.

Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man (despite the market crash and erosion in the market capital of his group companies including the flagship firm Reliance Industries Ltd) reportedly gifted his wife a swanky Luxury Jet that was complete with a sky bar, fancy showers and entertainment cabins on her birthday. He gifted to Neeta Ambani $60 million Air Bus on her 44th birthday.

And there are rumors that he is even planning to gift her plush $1 billion home on her next birthday, It is going to be a 27 storey home with a health club, six floors of car parking and helipad.

It remains to be seen whether there are any changes in the plan owing to the turbulent times. But then gifting is all about celebration…even in tough times. There are many such instances of lavish gifting when it comes to biggies and celebrities across the world. We shall list a few next time.

Bookaroo, the children’s literature festival


This is a fun event for children to which you can take your children and bring a smile on their faces. Apart from gifting children toys and games, this is one way of making them happy, in a quality way.

Bookaroo, the children’s literature festival, will happen in New Delhi (22nd and 23rd November, 2008 at Sanskriti Anand Gram on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road).

Here are the events that form part of the festival
– Listen to stories
– Dramatix
– Rhyme time
– Comics
– Interactive buzz
– Graffiti
– Glum peacocks
– Magic pencil
Choose your event/s and register now! You may check the possibility of holding a similar event in your city by sending a mail to 

The Bookaroo Festival kicks off with an outreach program on November 19th and 20th. It will give children a chance to meet famous Indian and international authors, poets, and illustrators. The aim of the festival is to expose children to the hidden joys of reading. This is truly a one-of-its-kind event, which focuses on the role books play in shaping children’s thinking and lives. The interactive sessions will comprise workshops, plays, comics, storytelling, games and lessons in creativity.

For instance, Sampurna Chattarji, Kalpish Ratna and Ishrat Syed will present ‘Panchatantra in Wonderland’. These animal fables are an invariable part of our literary and social heritage, but what do they really mean in today’s world? Here a modern twist is given to the classic tales.

According to Anita Roy, one of the organizers, the Bookaroo Festival is all about bringing together children with those who actually pen the books they love so much. She adds: “It is about celebrating the world of children’s book writing and literature in all its marvelous variety.”

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Inculcate love for reading in children; gift them a good habit

The act of gifting need not necessarily always involve giving out something tangible. Especially, in case of children, it can be an activity or a gesture that will lead to instilling good habits in them that will stay with them for a long time and even change their way of thinking.

Here is a unique opportunity for parents in New Delhi to give their children something beyond toys and other gift articles. We are referring to a children’s book & literature festival that is set to take place in the next few days in the capital city.

The festival is inspired by Hay-on-Wye, a unique first Book Town, lies on the border between Wales and England. One of the major annual events for Hay is the ‘Hay Festival’. Book lovers can visit this unparalleled book town, which is now a major tourist attraction. Taking a cue from the book town and its festival, literary enthusiasts in New Delhi has come up with a unique event for children. 

“I was indeed intrigued by the idea of a festival like. As I learnt more about it, I wanted to do something similar but for children,” informed Swati Roy, Eureka Children’s Bookstore co-owner and publisher of a magazine for children. M. Venkatesh, Anita Roy, Jo Williams; Anushka Ravishankar, Manisha Chaudhry of Pratham Books, Subhadra Sen Gupta and Swati Roy the organizers of the Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival 2008.

The children’s literature festival will act as a platform for inculcating reading habits in children. Children’s books will be viewed as gorgeous, bouncy trampolines to encourage their creativity.

Note the details of Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival

Dates: November 22 and 23, 2008

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: Sanskriti Anand Gram, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Delhi

Outreach program across the city – November 19 and 20, 2008

For more more information click here.

Return gifts for your child’s birthday


We are just through our Children’s day celebrations. Many Bollywood celebrities including India’s rising child star Darsheel Safary celebrated the day. Darsheel had a great time along with children from St Catherines Home on the children’s day.

We are just through our Children’s day celebrations. But when it comes to your little angels, there is no stopping celebrating and gifting. We shall continue with the theme of gifting for children.

This time, we draw your attention to an interesting article that asked ‘How much time do you really spend every birthday of your child to come up with a return-gift idea?’ It appeared in the Mint newspaper sometime back. But this is the perfect time to bring it up again to your notice as it deals with a very pertinent theme of birthday return gifts.

The writer of this insightful piece, Seema Chowdhry, mentions: “A birthday party is as much about the candles, musical chairs and cake as it is about return gifts for a child. The take-home tokens are an integral part of the celebration. Whether you like it or not, all children look forward to coming back home with goodies. When they get dried-up play dough, boxes of chocolates or crayons, they are disappointed.

The article quotes several parents and experts. Rabiba Gidwani of Mumbai-based b’ay party planner, Clowns R Us, mentions: “About 50 percent of parents tend to outsource birthday party planning, but they wish to do their own return gifts.”

Her advice to them is not to ‘deviate from the party theme and not to leave return gifts-shopping as the last or the least priority thing on their list because they will end up scrambling, and get the wrong things. Spending huge money is not the only way of making your gifts to stand out. So, how to go about it? We shall find the answer in the next posting.

Gift ideas for Children’s day


‘Roadside Romeo’ merchandise: Disney Consumer Products and Yash Raj Films have jointly launched merchandise products for the hit animated film ‘Roadside Romeo’. The merchandise has been launched across a range of products like apparel, accessories, school stationery. The apparel collection comprises skirts, T-shirts and jeans – priced between Rs 400 to Rs 1000 – are available at select Catmoss stores.

‘Roadside Romeo’ is India’s first three-dimensional (3D) mainstream animation movie now available online. HomeShop18, the home shopping network, has tied up with the producers and Walt Disney Co. to take the exciting product range to its customers. ‘Roadside Romeo’ marked the debut of once child prodigy Jugal Hansraj (Masoom fame) as director. Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Javed Jaffrey have lent their voices to the film’s lead characters (Romeo, Laila and Anna, respectively).

Mariposa Barbie: Barbie Mariposa Doll comes with a beautiful butterfly on her arm that fluently flutters up. She comes with sparkling blue/pink wings and a sizzling skirt. Gift this bubbly Barbie to your little ones on eve of the children’s day, and bring a smile on their face.

‘Me to You’ teddy: Archies have got into an exclusive tie-up with leading brand from the UK, Carte Blanche, for its world-renowned ‘Me to you’ merchandise in India. ‘Me to You’ grey colored teddy with blue nose is a popular character that has been licensed for several products.

Encyclopedia Britannica DVD-ROM/CD: Britannica is a renowned brand striving to disseminate knowledge. Their CD or DVD-ROM format Encyclopedia offers extensive resources for students. Researched and authored by historians, professors, Nobel laureates, curators and experts from the various domains, it is among the most reliable references for research for any student.

Interesting Infotainment based Gifts for Children

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ by J K Rowling
In the seventh and final book, Harry Potter discovers what fate has in store for him as he inexorably makes his way to that final mind-boggling meeting with Voldemort. In this truly thrilling climax to the phenomenally bestselling series worldwide, celebrated author J.K. Rowling reveals it all to her eagerly awaiting readers.

Fantastic shopping sites in Mumbai

In the previous blog, we considered some premier shopping avenues of Mumbai including Big Bazaar, Shoppers’ Stop and Inorbit Mall. We continue with our search for some fantastic shopping sites in the city.

Star Bazaar: Star Bazaar, the hyper market, belongs to the retail arm of the Tata Group’s Trent.The brand is lookign to leverage the unprecedented retail boom and has succeeded in doing so. They run a huge mall in the wester n suburbs of Andheri. Star Bazaar acts as a one-stop-shop and it promises the shopping to be an unique experience and a truly exciting affair.

The Star Bazaar offers to its customers a wide variety of products with great quality and service at the lowest prices. In fact, Trent has ambitious plans to open retail outlets in all the leading metros to meet the shopping needs of the burgeoning consumer class. The Star Bazaar offers an exhaustive choice of products.

The Heera Panna Shopping center: The center is among the most popular shopping centers in the city. It is a venue where you can shop in peace. The complex is known for its truly high quality products. The Heera Panna shopping center is your solution when it comes to ultimate quality shopping.

The shopping center established more than two decades ago, is situated in Worli, just near the Haji Ali Mosque. The avenue is famous for its range of accessories and excellent electronic products. The shops here have on offer high quality products at reasonable prices.

Infiniti and Citimall are also a must visit for leisurely shopping as you will come across some gorgeous gifting articles.

And why Mumbai alone! With your inputs, we would be gradually covering all leading metros of India when it comes to gifting and shopping. So, start sending your feedback on some of the great shopping avenues in your city or town for the benefit of fellow readers.