Gift it like Beckham to prove the ‘worth’ of your relationship


What birthday gift would one get for his woman who has everything under the sky at her feet? If gifting is all about proving the ‘worth’ of your relationship, the equation can prove to be quite costly. A recent high-profile gifting act involving an international sporting icon is a testimony to this.

If you are David Beckham shopping for your moody wife Victoria, what is it that you can come up with to pamper her and make her feel gratified? No doubt, in this case the scale of the whole exercise matters a great deal! So you do not just spring some fine wine, you are obliged to pick up the entire winery. This is what exactly David Beckham did. Becks reportedly picked up the tab on a multi-million dollar vineyard in picturesque Napa Valley to celebrate Posh’s birthday recently, her 34th incidentally.

It seems like a grand gesture, even going by David Beckham standards, so what made him to go for it? Gossip magazines were abuzz with reports that the vineyard was meant to keep restless Victoria busy. One gossip magazine reported, quoting a source to the couple,

“David feels like Victoria needs something to do other than shopping and going to parties. He is hoping she will get into the wine business and settle into some kind of regular routine.”

David Beckham unveiled the surprise on holiday with showbiz pals Katie Holmes, Seal, Heidi Klum, Tom Cruise, and Len Wiseman. Another source close to the celebrity couple revealed having a vineyard is also probably meant to keep Posh happy stateside.

“David does not miss the level of fame he had in England, Victoria does. Her experience in the States hasn’t been what she hoped for. Her clothing line never took off; she doesn’t have loads of girlfriends. Maybe this will be a good distraction,” narrated the source.

Becks and Posh relationship has had weathered many storms in the post, often on the brink of a breakdown. Becks is desperate to keep it going ‘at any cost’! That’s the difference between us and celebs! And he can afford it to. So we get a bottle of wine for birthday celebrations; he could get the vineyard.

Irrespective of this grand gesture, we still firmly believe that it’s the sentiment and not the hidden motive that communicates the sincerity of the act of gifting. A lavish gift cannot be a balm for broken hearts. It may only point to a lingering guilt conscious.

Internet is a great place to market your gifting products and services

World Wide Web

Online cataloging will be of great help in the area of corporate gifting. The gifting catalogs arranged on basis of product categories will act as a good starting point. From point of view of gifting companies, it is imperative that they get a good web catalog or folio in place to tap the reach and power of Internet. The Internet is a great place to market your products and services. If future is what you are aiming at, pay due attention to power and reach of Internet. Get a head start by pushing your brand online.

Ever increasing work pressures, long commutes, traffic snarls, and parking problems are some of the reasons that are driving more people towards the convenient option of online browsing and shopping. You definitely would not want to be left behind in the Internet revolution. You should not miss the golden opportunity that Internet offers to you.

A bouquet of your products hosted on a neat, attractive web page can be the most effective and affordable way of taking them to a wider audience. In today’s highly competitive environment, you want to address generic as well target audiences to meet your marketing goals. Creating, hosting and maintaining a dynamic product portfolio on-the-web is a very crucial element in constructing as well as running a highly successful and effective marketing campaign.

A creative package allows marketers to create a totally new and innovative product page. It’s the perfect way to realize the intrinsic value of online campaign in terms of the reach. The biggest benefit of online advertising in form a web catalogue is most notably the opportunity for a user to explore a product – hosted with complete textual, visual and other descriptive details – sitting at home, and making an informed decision.

It is essential you have presence and identity online; a wonderful web catalog will help you achieve this.

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Ganpati Mobile Ringtones, Wallpapers, Animations, Videos & Greetings – Gifts To Welcome Lord Ganesh

On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, various mobile service providers bring you a bouquet of Ganesha offerings like wallpapers, animations, tones and video. Ganpati Mobile WallpaperFor instance, there are tuneful tones for Ganesh festival at Indiatimes mobile (58888) to rekindle the spirit of the occasion. You can tune to several popular Ganesha songs like Ganpati Bappa Morya, Jai Ganesh Deva, Jai Ganesh Gananath Dayanidhi, Vakratunda Mahakaya, and Vande Ganpati VignavinashanJust download and get blessed here!

Vodafone GanpatiYou can download popular ring tones like Sukhakarta Dukhaharta, Shendur Lal Chadhayo, Morya Re Bappa, Sukhakarta Dukhaharta and Jai Ganesh Deva with Idea devotional poly tones. You can revive spiritual sentiments on the Vodafone live! The download menu comprises devotional music, images and videos to make your mobile a virtual temple.

Check more on Vodafone Live

You can gift tuneful ring tones like Hum Gaaye Guru, Sohum Dhyaan, Dukhharta Banke Sukhkarta and Mere Gannayak to your loved ones. You just need to type the ringtone Code followed by the receiver’s cell number and SMS to 54545

If you want to an informative book on Ganesha to someone who ardently worships the lord, there are ample options like The Book of Ganesha by Royina Grewal (Publisher: Viking Books), Ganesh: Removing the Obstacles by Bae James, or Lord Ganesha’s Feast of Laughter by Meera Uberoi.

Ganesh GreetingsYou can send gorgeous Ganesha greetings to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi, the Festival of Lord Ganesha and spread the message of joy on the day when the Lord Ganesha arrived to destroy evil forces. The Ganesha Chaturthi cards sure will please a Ganesha devotee. Sending Ganesha greetings will be a perfect way of celebrating the festival with your friends and colleagues. The cards can be a perfect collector item

Send the Ganesha Greeting online

There are exquisite Ganesha art including sculptures, hand crafted idols and paintings that you can present to a Ganesha devotee.

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Ganesha collection in precious stones provides ample gifting options

This one’s a blissful alliance. Lord Ganesha, The divine remover of obstacles fuses with the popular pink gemstone, rose quartz. The latest Ganesha collection from comprises rose quartz-carved idols. The beauty lies in the ‘imperfections’ of the stunning stone.Ganesha in Rose QuartzThe collection offers a glimpse of Ganesha in various precious and semi-precious stones like emeralds, rubies, aventurine (also called Indian jade), rose quartz and crystal. None of these can be replicated. Each gemstone is unique in the way it is shaped naturally. A modest Ganesha gemstone idol will cost just about Rs 1,000. The price of a rose quartz Ganesha idol can get as high as Rs 2.5 million.

Ganesha GemstoneDinesh Poddar, the managing director of Ma Passion, and his wife Shilpa began collecting gemstone sculptures as a sheer hobby, and later launched their venture, currently involving 25 traditional artisans from Jaipur. The couple spotted the potential that this rich art form that was at it prime in the Mughal era. The two are striving to revive and nurture a ‘5,000 years old priceless historical tradition of art. Besides their aesthetic appeal, their inherent value will only appreciate with time. The stones are said to have several health benefits, too. For example, rose quartz is termed the cornerstone for the heart chakra. It boosts inner peace.

Each of the pieces is exclusive since they are all hand-worked. This is not a fancy designer stuff. There is a deliberate harking back to the traditional influences, with themes inspired by mythology, legends, astrology and spiritualism.

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