Make up for those missed anniversaries with ‘I forgot Day’ gifts on July2

This to remind you about ‘I forgot Day’ (July 2), which you cannot afford to forget, and more so, if you have a habit of forgetting important dates! Here is an opportunity for you to make up for all the birthday and wedding anniversaries which you might have forgotten to acknowledge. We did try to research about the creator. Apparently, the person forgot to leave behind any record. But the spirit of the occasion is laudable.
Of course, the irony of ‘I forgot Day’, today is a day for those who are in the habit of forgetting things, so how do they even remember this particular occasion? Well, now that you have reminded you, just try to think what are you forgetting? Is it a friend’s wedding anniversary? Is it your senior’s birthday?

Cell phones
‘I forgot Day’ (July 2) is an opportunity to express your regrets over forgetting something important, and then to make amends. This one is especially for the absent-minded types who have a knack of forgetting all those special occasions. So it is a grate fun day! Do not forget to enjoy the spirit of the day.
Get a nice gift along with cards and flowers to make up for the lapse.Attractive Photo frame

Music CD's – A Music CD comprising personalized love messages in between songs
– Scan through your old photo albums. All you need is an attractive photo frame to strike a memorable note
– Add a more personal touch to a watch or locket by engraving it with the person’s name or scribble a special message.
– Shrubs, which flower almost throughout the year, will make a good gift. Pentas, Hibiscus, Ixora, Lantana, Mosanda are some of the popular varieties.Lantana Shrub
– By superimposing any ubiquitous gift, such as a cell phone, bracelet or even a catchy key chain with your heartfelt feelings, you can capture the spirit of this day, in a subtle, albeit effective way.