Whacky word play for making a statement through your gifts

They do make us laugh and can be a hit with your friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues at the office. The gag gifts are sure worth the money to get and gift if they happen to bring a smile on the receiver’s face.

There are so many interesting good gag gifts revolving around smart word play that there is no absolutely reason that you cannot give one, but for sheer fun.

Key chainsInsane Key chains: Look to express yourself with wacky and hilarious key chains. These are indeed fun to share with friends, family and colleagues. They are affordable and much more innovative than a generic greeting card. Sample a few pearls of wisdom that can shine through these cranky chains:

1. ‘I’m so broke, I can’t even pay attention.’

2. ‘If you’re rich, I’m single!’

3.  ‘I’m not short tempered…I can stay mad for days!’

4. ‘Never put off till tomorrow what you can avoid all together.’

5. ‘They keep saying the right person will come along…but i think mine got hit by a truck.’

6. ‘How much can I get away with and still go to heaven?’

Gift wrappingsOutrageous everyday gift wraps: You have taken the pains for finding that perfect present, so why not just take some more effort to pack it in an unconventional manner. Instead of using the regular, boring wrapping paper, choose to wrap your special gift in a funny gag gift wrap. This sure will add the laughs to the outside of the gift box!

X-Rated CautionaryGift with a cautionary X-Rated wrapping: Gift with a Warning sign like: “May contain explosive substances, open at your own risk’, or even a generic gift wrap with an option for checking the occasion will be a packing idea going beyond run of the mill wrappers.

Wacky t-shirtsT-Shirts: They are a fun way to express yourself or make a special statement. Sample a few pronouncements:

1. ‘Life’s short – lets drink the good wine now.’

2. ‘I’m confused. No wait, maybe I’m not.’

3. ‘Remember, you’re unique like everybody else.’

4. ‘Exercise hard. Eat right die anyway.’

5. ‘I can only please one person a day. Today isn’t your day.’

6. ‘Don’t rush me. I get paid by the hour.’

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Practical gag gifts that can be handy in day-to-day life

Gag GiftsGag gifts can be practical in theme and content as well. For example, why not think of a Screaming and Coughing Ashtray as a gift? This ashtray will try to help a smoker remind of the ill-effects of smoking by making a screaming and coughing!

This ashtray is so designed that it looks like a real pair of lungs. As the smoker puts the cigarette onto the ashtray it will activate a disturbing coughing and screaming sound! Isn’t it a great gag gift for someone ‘pack-a-day smoker’ who you know, and are keen on helping the person give up the habit?

Here is another practically workable gag gift! Does one of your short-tempered friends need help getting rid of those phone calls from irritant callers? Well, your gag gift will just be the perfect solution for them. It will act a shield against a pesky telemarketer.

You can gift your friend or colleague a unique ‘Pocket-Get off the Phone Excuse Machine’. This tiny device can really be handy. It will give out different quirky sounds that will help the person out of the tightest spot, and get them off the phone ‘fast’. Thanks to your gift, freedom is simply ‘the press of a button’ away!

A Seat Saver will be an ultimate gag gift with some serious practical application. Have you ever gone to a packed hall where you managed to grab the perfect seat only to surrender it to some a-hole? You reach there early; grab the front row seat and then nature calls. It’s an awkward situation, but you cannot leave, so what to do? There are people hovering around, awaiting to grab your place once you get up. You must have experienced this situation.

What if your gag gift can help one of your dear friends overcome the problem? A seat saver is a perfect practical gag gift! These fake spills come in form of a Ketchup Packet Spill or an ice cream cone spill that look like the real thing! Just place it on your coveted seat and it’ll still be empty when you come back! It can also be a great prank! Put the spills on some important documents of your colleagues or on a friends’ costly carpet and watch them panic!

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Golf equipment and accessories make a great gift




Any of your professional or personal friends attempting a swing at the golf course cannot do without the following equipment and accessories. You can pick one or more in keeping with your budget.

The driver: This is the most electrifying club in the golf kit, not only since it hits the ball further than the other clubs, but also since watching the golf ball in flight gives a more gratifying feeling than most other acts and aspects in this particular sport. Properly fitted golf drivers play a major role in improving one’s game.

The golf clubs or irons: They are traditionally thought to be the unrecognized or unsung heroes in a golfer’s kit. They are the scoring clubs and also the most used clubs in any golf arsenal. They usually come in sets of up to 13 clubs with varied loft angles for different distances as well as shots. When gifting the golf clubs or irons, one key thing to keep in mind – no matter what style you select – is that all three different types should ideally be custom fitted to the person’s golf swing for producing optimum results.

The Golf wedges: They are a very crucial part of the game of golf. It can have dramatic results in the player’s score. During a round of golf, one plays 70 per cent of the shots from 120 yards (or closer) to the pin! In your quest to get the best golf wedge as a gift, it’s important to find out how a wedge shot really works. Also, the make up of the golf club wedge is as vital as its versatility.

Putters: For golfers of all abilities and ages putters remain the most creative and personal piece of equipment in their kits. Since there is no exact way to ‘putt’ the ball in the ‘hole’, putters nowadays come in all different shapes and sizes. When you are selecting one as a gift, keep a few basics in mind. Try to get one, which will feel comfortable in your hand with respect to good weight and balance. Ideally, the person whom you want to gif t it should make it to the shop at the time of buying it. If you are buying online, there are tools to guide you in this regard. Ensure that is appealing to eyes.

The golf equipment makes a great gift for any occasion.

Surprise your golf loving corporate friends with an unusual golf gift


Not a lot of people think of giving golf apparel as a gift, so it may seem a little uncommon at the outset. There are several good golf apparel choices nowadays available at online and offline stores, which you couldn’t easily find just a few years ago. Have you thought of the possibility of getting a golf shirt or wind shirt from a popular golf location? Won’t that be special? Maybe you can get a nice rain suit. It’s something that golf lovers wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

You might not generally consider gifting golf clubs since it might be logical to think that your golfer friend has everything at his/her disposal, but then what about a set of used golf clubs as a back-up? Used golf clubs, meaning, another set of golf clubs? Well! Why not?

Wouldn’t your golfer friends love to possess a second set of clubs very much identical to the one already there? Consider this, provided with a second set of clubs they can leave the original one at the golf club when they happen to visit a different golf course.

If there are some golf clubs, which your close corporate friend doesn’t possess, you can take advantage of a large variety of golf e-tailers to find some great bargains on discount golf clubs. Maybe a special wedge he/she has been eagerly wanting, a new design putter or perhaps a fairway wood for replacing those golf irons they can’t hit, such as the 3 or 4 iron. Or possibly they are eyeing some brand new, quality golf training club or gadget. Here, you have a window of opportunity! If you try out hard, you may manage to pick them for a bargain price you wouldn’t believe.

Surprise your golf loving corporate friends with an unusual golf gift!

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Gift ideas for Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone irrespective of one’s age, profession and status pay respect to one’s teacher, Guru, guide or mentor. Well, we are referring to the festival of Guru Purnima.
During our formative years, contribution of the teacher is so very vital in our growth and development. Children bloom with love, care, guidance and, of course, a dedicated teacher!
Don’t miss this opportunity to thank your wonderful teacher who devoted his precious time to enrich and broaden your mind. These ideas will make finding a Guru Purnima gift easily:

  • A rocking chair: You could select a special rocking chair for your Guru.
  • A chaise lounge: A nice chaise lounge would just be perfect for your teacher’s home with or even without backyard.
  • Academic glass nameplate: This will be ideal for your much revered teacher who holds a special place in your heart. You can go for a solid-glass nameplate that will make a lasting impression. Ensure that it is meticulously and correctly engraved with your teacher’s name and, if possible, along with a personalized message.
  • Personalized clipboard: You can get a handy clipboard that holds the papers or homework assignments to be graded in one convenient location.
  • Pen & case set: You can present your favorite teacher, principal or mentor with a pretty pen and case set. It’s an essential tool they will require each day. This gift combines practicality with creative design, and hence is perfect!

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Gifting Sweet, Subtle Scents Strike a Perfect Note

There are those timeless scents – spicy and warm for winter, and Fruity or minty for summer. Here’s looking at some new smells spreading around for breathing a new life in your relationship. You can choose from a whole range of perfumes, which are ideal to spread romance in the air.

Aqua Lily
Smell of lilies: Body Shop has launched a new fragrance range ‘Aqua Lily’. It’s a fresh, delicate and water floral-based fragrance. This does not merely reflect a product that smells like lilies. Body Shop has moved a step ahead, to dig up some history, to mix it up with the smell. To the Chinese, lilies symbolize ‘forever in love’; the Greeks termed it the ‘flower of flowers’, whereas the Romans often blended fresh lilies with roses and scattered on their beds.
There is a whole range including Aqua Lily perfume oil, eau de toilette, body spray, etc. The fragrance is a blend of watermelon, dewy bamboo, green apple, pink pepper and tangerine in harmony with floral notes of rose, violet, muguet and, of course, lily.

Burberry The Beat
Burberry The Beat: Nothing to beat flower power in a hot, humid weather for women who wish to smell their best; Burberry The Beat is a cool option, which instantly energizes with a youthfulness thanks to its sparkling, woody and floral fragrance.
Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste: This is a young fragrance typically Bvlgari in its subtle Bvlgari Omnia Amethystesophistication. The perfume is inspired by the amethyst gemstone’s aura. The floral scents exuded by it are refreshing. They remind one of rose gardens and morning dew.
Burberry The Beat is sexy, feminine and vibrant, with its smoky, sensual musk and wooden tones, blended with the aroma of traditional Ceylon tea and bluebells! This gift is an ode to nature and flowers.

Chrome Legend
Chrome Legend: Azzaro’s new fragrance for men is packed with scents duly extracted from nature- flowers and forests. It is a fresh, intense smell with notes of citrus that reminds one of sea spray and green frosted leaves. There are also under-notes of woody, musky amber essences.

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A Whole Range of Perfumes to Gift for Romantic Hearts

Archies perfumes

Archies perfumes: Archies has on offer a range of perfumes that are classy, yet affordable,, including Black Magic, Stupid Cupid Parfum, Voce Men, Stupid Cupid Deo, Lovely Chastity, Happy Days.
NafNaf (for women): A recently launched version of fragrance NafNaf brings a feeling of happiness highly accentuated with fruity accords. It heralds awakening of enthusiasm, and new adventures.Naf Naf Perfume
NafNaf fragrance, excitingly romantic, opens a new door to emotions. It creates a fruit cocktail with mouthwatering pear and mango, leading to elegant heart that introduces a floral bouquet of orange blossom, jasmine and iris with hints of watery fruity aromas as well as peony.

Gaultier 2 Perfume
Gaultier 2 Perfume: This Perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier, the famous design house, possesses a blend of Vanilla, Musk and Amber. The seductive tones are nicely blended through a smoke screen of myrhh and incense, for a fragrance that impart sensuality.

I Loewe You
I Loewe You: This women’s fragrance is aimed at an innocent, extrovert, spontaneous teenager. It belongs to the family of fruity and floral fragrances. ‘I Loewe You’ would serve as an exclusive gift for the lively and ingenious female you want to get cozy with.
Elle PerfumeElle: This fantastic fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent will win the hearts of young, modern, urban girls. It is tender and brings joy with luminous lemon’s crisp notes of along with litchi on the peony petal. Elle is perfectly wearable!
The Hugo XX and XY: The Hugo style, the version XX for females, brings gourmand The Hugo XX and XYfruity notes, whereas that for men (XY) fetches an aromatic rhythm. The former is available in golden campaign tones, whereas the men’s is metallic grey tone. They are created so for emphasizing the differences between both sexes, also highlighting the mutual magnetic attraction.

Davidoff adventureDavidoff Adventure
: The Davidoff Adventure, a men’s perfume, has been inspired by adventure – the concept of wild nature with hot spices and bright colors has been blended to remind the wearer of the sensuality of exotic woods and the humid freshness of the rainforest.

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Fragrant facts – keep them in mind while gifting perfumes

If you are planning to gift perfume, here are some basic facts to be kept in mind:
Alcohol content in perfumes makes them emanate sweet smells from one’s skin. Without it, only the wearer would know about it.
Find a fragrance that complements skin type and natural aroma of body of the person whom you want to gift it.
The scent should be pleasant enough and subtle enough to enhance the wearer’s personality.
A perfume lasts longer on some individuals than on others owing to differences in our skin (dry or oily) as well as in our PH levels. Try layering your perfume to ensure a longer effect.
Apply perfume low on the body and on your neck so that it gradually rises and won’t be lost quickly. Just a light spray on the hair can last whole day. It can be sprayed on the inside of the elbow, on the wrist, and back of the knees.
The best time to apply perfume is after a shower or bath, when skin pores will be open and can soak up the fragrance.
Keep perfume – gifted or bought – in cool, dry area. Keep it away from direct sunlight since it can unbalance the various ingredients.
An opened perfume bottle should be put in its box, when not in use, to ensure a longer shelf life.
Use non-deodorized soap where perfume is to be applied. Soaps and deodorants can affect how it will smell on your skin!

Certain types of jewelry like costume or pearl jewelry can get discolored owing to perfume alcohols. Some can also lose it outer coating. When wearing perfume with such f jewelry type, spray it away from the jewelry.
You can gift a variety of perfumes for different seasons that go with the person’s body and personality type.

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Understand the Personality and Attitude of the Person before Gifting a Perfume


Vivacious, mischievous and exuberant, every individual yearns for a fragrance, which is fresh and rejuvenating. Take your own sweet and scented time while perfume shopping. Before you buy a perfume fragrance for gifting, consider following things.Carolina Herrera

Burberry WeekendPerfume shopping for someone special isn’t something that you can do in a day. You need to know and understand his or her personality type and style before making your choice or else it may all go wrong.

For example, there are some fascinating floral favorites for women. If she likes a touch of romance in everything she sees, smells and feels, a floral scent will complement her appeal. Picks for such personality type are Burberry Weekend and Carolina Herrera.Alfred Dunhill Dunhill

Oriental Spice
The Oriental Spice is for those who ooze sophistication and natural confidence. They obviously know what they want from life and have a way of getting it. You can spice it up with these fragrances picks (for men: Alfred Dunhill Dunhill; for women: Kenzo Flower, Dior Poison, Giorgio Armani Sensi.

Giorgio Armani SensiThere is woody fragrance for the sensual type. If the person you wish to gift is sensual, albeit classy and free-spirited yet grounded, woody fragrances make the best choice. Burberry Brit and Dior Fahrenheit are the picks for men whereas the picks for such women are Yves St Laurent’s Opium, or Calvin Klein Obsession.Yves St Laurent's Opium

There is a peculiar aromatic blend for self-made men, especially those who alue all that is classic and exude true machismo. The picks in this category are Gendarme Gendarme and Calvin Klein Eternity for Men.Calvin Klein Obsession

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A gift that will accompany one on a lifelong journey of learning

Britannica Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Britannica is a leading provider of learning and knowledge products. They are undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular and trusted sources of data on every topic imaginable under the sun, right from the origin of the universe to current socio-political events and also everything in between.
Britannica are known for their commitment and pride that they take in the thrill of discovery and are a perfect companion on a lifelong journey of learning, and we hope you’ll visit often. We’ll continue to add products and partners of the highest quality. Britannica CD and Britannica DVD make the most useful, comprehensive disc-based encyclopedias.

2008 CD-ROM Britannica

2008 Ultimate CD or DVD-ROM
Looking for facts? Then look no further than the new edition of Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate DVD-ROM or CD. Britannica is always striving to meet and exceed its own high standards of excellence, accuracy and quality. The 2008 Ultimate CD or DVD-ROM, which provides extensive resources and indispensable tools for students, is no exception.
Written by Nobel laureates, curators, historians, professors, and several other notable experts, it is easily the most trusted resource for research for an entry-level, advanced researcher or any school-college student. They will find all that they need. You can select from the easy-to-use encyclopedias designed for every age and level that give you the most organized content available. Several new features and articles like a complete world atlas, historic timelines and rich multimedia enhance this unbeatable and rich resource.

Britannica’s Almanac 2008 CD-ROM
Almanac 2008 CD-ROM
Britannica’s Almanac 2008 CD-ROM is a complete source of information for everyday life. Brimming with facts about today’s newsmakers and celebrities, science and politics, sports and pop culture, it’s ideal for school, work, or the sheer joy of learning something new. The Britannica Almanac 2008 is anything but a conventional reference source. It’s a smorgasbord of smart and surprising special features that delights both casual and serious readers.

Merriam-Webster's International Dictionary

Merriam-Webster’s International Dictionary/CD-ROM Bundle
Get all the information you are looking for with one convenient package. Now the most comprehensive dictionary of American English is even more powerful—you get Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged Print Edition and Unabridged CD-ROM.
With nearly a half-million entries, 3,000 illustrations, and 140,000 etymologies Webster’s Third New International Dictionary is the largest and most comprehensive American dictionary. Browse through
Their other offerings that will make a worthy gift are:
2. Time Almanac: Powered by Encyclopedia Britannica
3. Britannica Guide to the Ideas That Made the Modern World

Navigate through the spellbinding Britannica store here http://store.britannica.com/

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