Today is Pink Day!

Pink Day Pink Day, or June 23, has a serious history behind it. An American company marked the day pink on its calendar when it found that more than half its women employees had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But the colour is traditionally far from serious. It is associated with girls and cuteness and all things nice. But at the turn of the century pink also crossed over to the boardroom and not just because women were storming the male bastion of work in a big way. It became the it colour of the metrosexual man. For a long time women, too, had steered clear of pink in the workplace for fear of appearing inefficient, but today with a new found confidence, pink has taken on different connotations. Here’s a quick guide on how to wear pink in the office –Salmon PInk T-shirt

• Pink doesn’t mean bubblegum pink. Men should opt for deep shades of salmon and rose pink that complement the Indian skin tone perfectly, and remember that plum, crimson and magenta are also shades of pink. Steer clear of hot pink.
Hot Pink• Hot pink is a woman’s colour all the way. It’s bold, fierce and extremely feminine. It’s sexy without even remotely being trashy and no one can miss you when you’re wearing it.

Pink Jacket with stripes
• When buying a pink piece of clothing like a shirt or a jacket for the office, go for ‘serious’ prints like checks and stripes.
Pink Shirt• Team your pink with business-like colours. A pink shirt with a navy blue or black jacket is a striking combination; pink and white lends itself to an easy feel, perfect for Friday dressing.Pink Belt
• Wary of pink? Use it as an accessory – a pink belt, pink shoes, a pink kerchief in your jacket pocket, or a pink tie. Note to self: keep the pink tie matte. Avoid shine, unless you want to attract attention to a block of shiny pink down your centre.Pink Shoes
However, if you are completely an anti-pink person or your mood is just not ‘pinky’ on June 23, then you don’t have to wear it, just put it up in the office! A pink wall hanging, when used correctly, can bring vitality into an office space.

So go pink with a vengeance and, spare a thought for the breast cancer victims in the world.

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Interesting Infotainment based Gifts for Children


After a long, hard day at school and then a walk back to tuition drains out poor, burdened schoolchildren. Won’t they appreciate a gift that offloads some of the stress and tension of studies and refreshes them?

Mitashi Kids products

Mitashi, a close to two decade old company, has some interesting playthings for kids. ThMitashi Video gameseir bouquet of products includes those for sheer entertainment like TV-video Games whereas some for infotainment like a talking educational computer that comes with multiple intellectual functions. They have expanded their product range with introduction of hand video games, kiddocam cameras, art sets apart from Fun & Learn series of CD-ROMS. Another good choice is their Pogo product for kids Trolley and school bags.

Mitashi Computer for KidsIf you want to offer a gift with high entertainment value, you can consider Cricket Mania and other wide range of games (Pullshot Games, Torch Plus games, E- games, Handheld Keychain games, Sudoku games, Color LCD games, Dual Screen games, etc.)
Kids Laptop Computers or Kiddy Laptop is another interesting offering from Mitashi. Mitashi Laptop for Kids

This talking computer incorporates handy features like English and Math Training with quiz; In-built intellectual and entertaining games, music composer & inbuilt songs and a learning System that improves knowledge and Memory.

The 10 +10 Plug in 1 N Play is an ultimate experience in traveling handgame with features like intelligent & IQ test based games, vibrant graphics display and soft touch buttons. It is a compact and portable entertainment device. You can get a glimpse of Mitashi products for gifting here

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A ‘Bag’ful of Gifting Ideas for Schoolchildren

School BagCartoons have always captured the imagination of children. No surprise, schoolbags imprinted with cartoon characters make an attractive tantalizing gift, and importantly a timely one as the schools have just started.

The schoolbags, bringing alive the immortal Disney characters, will make an attractive giveaway. Mickey schoolbagFor example, Mickey’s schoolbag will sure bring more fun, more excitement! It’s ideal to hold your little champ’s study gears. Now, Tom and Jerry Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are there to accompany children to the classroom, bringing smiles on their faces. Let the children strut to school with Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo in company.
Soft toy bagA soft toy-like bag will be perfect for nursery going children or those in junior or senior KG. The catchy colored teddy bear bags will sure make going to school a pleasurable exercise for children and draw them towards studies as well. Check that the fur used is of good material and is soft to touch and feel.
An off white school or college backpack will make a more sober choice. Schoolbag with Adjustable strapsAdjustable straps at both the sides for adjusting the width of the bag will make it easier to sling around and carry. Adjustable straps at the bottom will help adjust the width of the base. The smaller padded back section can easily hold files, stationery, etc.
When buying a bag, check the quality of the zip. Get one in bright colors to cheer up the children. Also, ensure it is spacious enough to carry their school gears like books, notebooks, pen holder and pencil box. It should have a separate pocket to carry the lunch box. Adjustable straps and a haul hook for easy lifting are other features to look for. The bag should have enough front pockets, and it shouldn’t be too heavy.

D.M. PakitwalaD.M. Pakitwala, the company founded in 1972, has become a household name when it comes to all types of bags, including schoolbags. D.M. SchooolbagsTheir product range also comprises kiddie bags, college bags and haversacks by skilled, experienced craftsmen meticulously created on state of the art machinery. Their bags also make appropriate annual corporate gifts. You can select from an exclusive series of designs revolving around different themes. One can select from over 150 designs available on every theme. Check the range of elegant and durable D.M. Pakitwala bags here at

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A financial toolkit and other off-beat gift ideas for Father’s Day

Vests and JacketsWhile new moms usually derive all of the glory and attention when baby comes around, it is also important not to ignore the expectant or new dad! With Father’s Day around the corner, why not surprise him with cute items like a baby blanket, or fun baby toys that a proud Dad can try out when spending time with baby.

Today’s fathers are really involved with nurturing process, so you can get new dad CDs, and even vests and jackets carrying loads of storage pockets. The selection of useful products ideal for baby and new Dad is something that will be appreciated.

Cotton ShirtsEvening has on offer a complete range of, party wear formal cotton shirts and evening shirts. These are the perfect choice for your Dad, a senior professional / executives, holding high rank. You can see the complete range of evening shirts and formal shirts, and also buy them online on http://www.zodiacIndoor For casuals too, there is no dearth of options.
A great way to stretch your gifting imagination is to provide a variety of ‘experiences’, which Dad can remember forever like a Discover the Town trip, indoor Rock Climbing, indoor Skydiving, a picnic at the Vineyard.

A “financial toolkit” would be another good gift idea. You may add shares of a firm, which is into domain, services or products your father likes to use. You may gift him a subscription to a financial magazine. You may give him books on investing, like Dr. Jeremy Siegel’s book Stocks for the Long Run, one of the most valuable and user-friendly books for both experienced and new investors. Stocks for the Long Run

You may get various investment-related games, which are both fun and informative. Look for games that use real-life scenarios for educate about the various factors, which go into key investment decisions.

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Interesting Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Here is a compilation of some interesting Father’s Day gift ideas that are currently popular. You can take a cue from them, to come with a refreshing alternative to traditional gifts for your Dad.
Mr Site Takeaway web site
Mr Site is the UK’s favorite ‘web site in a box’, with over 60,000 users. All Mr Site web sites, which come stylishly packaged, are priced. Mr Site

They comprise everything needed to get a professionally designed (dot com) site online, including a web address (e.g., hosting, a secure PayPal shopping cart. It doesn’t really matter if it’s for business purpose or pure pleasure as daddies of all ages, and technical abilities will get their professional website up with Mr Site. Your father can turn a hobby into a money-spinning business proposition, with the Mr Site team there to offer guidance every step of the way.

Mr Site Pro
Mr Site Pro might be better suited to the entrepreneurial Dad. It contains several features like 600Mb webspace, an enhanced secure online shop and SiteBoost optimisation tools that a small or startup business could ever seek. Mr Site’s Takeway Website packages are available at Borders, Heals, PC World and Amazon.
The Expanding File Padfolio
Office products might not be the obvious idea, which comes to one’s mind when thinking of a Father’s Day gift. But you can offer a unique item, which cater to new-age fathers, those with mobile lifestyles, and are always on the go.Blackberry

Business cardsIf your Dad is a business traveler, he might be looking for an all-in-one accessory to carry his important documents, business cards and gear, Blackberry, calculator, etc.

The multi-pocket expanding files will protect and keep his key documents and other items organized and safe. If you want to find a gift for Dad, which suits his tastes and his work needs, executive padfolios and expanding files will make unique Father’s Day gift ideas.

They are stylish and practical, making it a perfect utility item for the business professional. You can find executive expanding products at, an organization solutions firm dedicated to organizing the lives of modern-day professionals.Padfolio

For those keen on avoiding the usual and giving something, which is both unexpected and appreciated, there cannot be a better choice than expanding file padfolios. It’s a stylish and sturdy Father’s Day gift idea. Wherever your Dad goes, your gift can go the distance with him.

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Alcohol, a Perfect Party Gift

Alcohol, a classy beverage Alcohol is an integral part of the current work ethos. Several organizations throw semi-formal parties and on many occasions proposals are discussed over a couple of drinks at the bar around the corner. An evening out with the bosses or partners or colleagues at least once a week has become passé. Many would credit these relaxed evenings meetings to their increased alcohol intake. June 8 brings with it Name Your Poison Day and, suddenly, there is an extra edge in your favorite drink. Alcohol, wine

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re mixing your poison with office. After all, your choice of poison says a lot about you.Vodka

Vodka is a tasteless, odorless drink that takes on any flavor that you want it to by mixing it with the right juice or soft drink. It’s great with lemonade, apple juice and tonic water.

What it says about you: You are a free-thinker, flexible and like to experiment.

Rum sits on the fence between the sophistication of Scotch and the bonhomie of beer. In fact, it is a great choice for office parties. Rum

Dark rum is best with coke, while white rum tastes good with most soft drinks and juices. What it says about you: You’re fun-loving without being frivolous and you love a good joke. You know how to get your work done with tact.

Whiskey carries with it the image of success.While wine is for the sophisticated socialite, a good scotch is the choicest poison for the savvy and successful businessman. Whisky, Whiskey

Mix it with soda and water — it’s the best combination. Or have it on the rocks. What it says about you: You are sophisticated, mature and think in terms of the bigger picture. You are a good strategist and always in control of a situation.

Wine is not just the poison of the season. Many love to take up a glass of wine to emulate a certain snobbery, but the health benefits of the drink has helped it catch on with many, with even doctors recommending a glass or two every week. Wine

Wine is best paired with the right kind of food — red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat. What it says about you: You like the finer things in life. Red wine drinkers are seen as discerning and organized people whereas white wine drinkers are perceived to be more enterprising and assertive.

Wine and whiskey make for great gifts. Whiskey is a great accessory for when you are aiming to make contacts at a party, or want to clinch a new deal. Wine is great at cocktail parties and formal sit-down dinners. Vodka is suitable for semi-formal office events. Beer

Beer is absolutely perfect for office lunches or outdoor events like annual meets and picnics. Rum goes with almost any evening event but can be unpopular in hot weather. You want to make a gift of your drink? Wine and a fine Scotch are first-rate choices, but ascertain your recipient’s tastes to better decide.

Drinking Etiquette
Take a moment and think about how you are downing your poison in full view of your colleagues and superiors. You may feel that you are a seasoned and hardened drinker, but others might have a different impression of you.
1. Never gulp your drink — sip it.
2. Don’t mix drinks, no matter what the temptation.
3. Don’t get excited just because the drinks are on the house — even if you are, don’t show it.
4. Don’t give everybody the impression that you’re a loser by counting your pegs.
5. Drink a glass of water after every two drinks.
6. Wipe excess moisture off your hands before shaking someone else’s.
7. Carry mints with you — after a few drinks you will need them!

You know you are too high when …
1. You find yourself slapping your boss’ back
2. You feel light-headed to the point of dizziness
3. You get sloppy with your speech
4. You find yourself uninhibited to the point of no control
5. If you’re feeling like throwing up, you’re beyond control already. Just make sure that you are throwing up alone, in a locked bathroom.

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A Hammock Swing Chair makes a perfect gift to a Busy Corporate Executive looking to relax after a hectic day

Hammock swing chair A hammock swing chair puts one in a free and relaxed state of mind away from day-to-day worries. It’s the perfect gift to a busy corporate executive who yearns to relax after a hectic day.

When you decide to get a hammock chair for gifting purpose, ensure that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (We recommend waterproof, nylon material). Select the material for the hammock chair on basis of the individual’s tastes or preference. Chair Hammock

The hammock chair you buy should closely match the person’s tastes and needs. “Feel” and the “functionality” both are equally important. They usually carry smooth, soft cushions, and provide a soothing swing, putting one in a peaceful, relaxed mode.

Portable deluxe hammock You may opt for the portable deluxe hammock. It’s a self-contained freestanding hammock and stand combo, which comes in a backpack for easy portability. One may use it anywhere or simply set it up at home in his or her favorite corner for a quick nap or an extended long book-reading session or merely relaxation.

If your budget allows you, you may try to get a luxury hammock that comes with features like a book holder, cup holder, and an inflatable pillow. Such value-adds will make it as comfortable as it gets. Luxury Hammock

The Deluxe Portable Hammock is indeed convenient! It can fold up into a backpack for saving space and easy transportation. It is free standing so one need not scratch one’s head as where to set it up. A user simply unfolds it, inserts locking pins and attaches it.

Deepa Hammocks (; Totree hammocks ( and Second May International ( are some of the resources where you can get to check various types of hammocks and buy them.

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