Online Shopping: Advantages over the Offline Alternative

In this day and age there are many who would be skeptical about shopping online for gifts. Granted, the net holds many perils, but keep your eyes peeled and you won’t get ripped off.
Choosing the site is important. EBay is one that has made a name for itself for selling anything and everything, but that is because it panders to the eccentric whims and fancies of people. However, it is possibly one of the better sites you could go to for your shopping. If you have the time then check out the credentials of the site by contacting the people behind it and visiting their regional office, if they have one. If you plan to do a lot of online shoppgoogleshopping.jpging then it is imperative that you do this. In order to test the products and the kind of services the site provides, then simply start shopping – start with small purchases first.In time you will get to know the site better and understand how it works. With minimal energy you will have found yourself a veritable gold-mine for all your colleagues and bosses who are, after all, your main focus in this exercise.

But why shop online?
The obvious: it saves time! Time is the biggest cruncher of all in our times of fast money, fast cars and fast lifestyles. Often with the culture of gifting creeping into our workspace we end up being forced to buy gifts for people we don’t give a rat’s ass about. Pardon the French. So why spend too much time and energy on that? Money can also be saved – think about the travel expenses you would be saving by simply clicking a button on your computer. It might seem like nothing to you now, but think of it in the long run. You save time as well as money. And it is just as easy to get it delivered to the recipient as it is when you are shopping personally.

shopping2.jpgMoreover it is not as ‘shady’ as it used to be. When you shop online you get a 360 degree view of the product you are considering. So you’re not buying anything blindly.
There are so many corporate gifting websites that it is difficult to sift the chaff from the grain – check out how many people would actually endorse the website. It’s not too difficult or time-consuming as websites would happily advertise anything positive said about them. So investigate the site and see what the customer feedback is like. Ask people you know who have sold or bought things online and get to know the site through their experiences.
Just like the services provided at a store, websites also have fun add-ons that make the whole experience memorable. Funny icons, catchy opening lines, riotous colours … they’re all in place to keep the consumer – you – hooked. Online shopping is much more safe than it used to be earlier and a whole lot more fun too!

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Holi Hai!

“Do me a favour, let’s play Holi…”

crooned Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra in a blockbuster film with Akshay Kumar. In spite of the barrage of colours that they threw at each other and several others during the filming of the song sequence, Priyanka survived the ‘assault’ with her hair intact. Priyanka Chopra may recommend Sunsilk for the hair, but we recommend going a little deeper when it comes to keeping your hair and skin intact during one of India’s favourite festivals.

Holi hai..!!

  • Always buy your colours from a reputed brand.
  • Apply oil to your skin and hair before commencing with the celebrations; they coat your body with a protective layer.
  • Wear synthetic clothes – cotton clothing absorbs liquids only too well.
  • Use mostly gulal – it might not sound as fun as the water colours but it is a whole lot better for your skin and hair.
  • Use relatively safer colours like red and pink. Colours like purple, blue, green and yellow contain far more chemicals and are way too harmful.
  • Make sure that you keep a great soap and shampoo (no, not necessarily Sunsilk!) ready for your bath!

Holi Don’ts…

  • Go on a colour rampage on the streets in your car with your friends. That kind of fun suits only those uneducated or little educated hooligans who live in chawls or slums.
  • Force anybody to play. Holi is a very physical festival, so to speak; forcing someone to play by throwing water balloons at him or her is a serious invasion of one’s personal space.
  • Throw any colour at someone’s face. The chemicals in the colours have been known to damage people’s eyesight.
  • Play within throwing distance of the mithai and other food that may have been kept for the Holi party – you definitely don’t want to swallow any of the chemicals either!

So go safe this Holi and have clean good fun!

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Sniff it the Right Way on Fragrance Day

March 21 celebrates all the wonderful fragrances in the world. We often underestimate our olfactory nerves. Did you know that these nerves help us taste our food? Skeptical? Eat and drink while pinching your nose shut. The food will fail to stimulate your taste buds.

Smell plays a significant part in our memories as well. Certain smells will always remind you of certain incidents, and it is not as simple as the smell of bhajiyas frying making your mouth water. From musk to fruity to floral to woody and spicy – it is all about the play of the ‘upper notes’ with the ‘lower notes’… much like tasting wine. Here are some tips for office perfume etiquette that helps you make the right impression.

Choose Wisely : The only way to select a perfume that works well with you is to select it yourself. These days the fashion is to spray perfume onto strips of paper, wave them about and sniff delicately in between coffee bean shots. This does not help. Dab the perfume onto your wrists and wait for a few seconds. Just as wine takes time to come into its own and bloom into its true nature on your tongue, so does perfume take time to blossom on your skin. A perfume smells quite different a few minutes after it has been sprayed and its reaction with your skin also determines how long it will last. So ditch the paper strips and spray onto your skin directly; never mind the snooty sales assistant’s expression of distaste.
Perfume or Deo?
Fine you hate the thought of picking up those cheap deos that come in plastic bottles with spray buttons that need to be jabbed extra hard for them to work. Yet the expensive perfumes that you pick up fade away in four hours, max. That’s because they’re supposed to – they’re perfumes, not deodorants that are meant to last the whole day through. But look at the labels carefully – ‘eu de cologne’ is what you must avoid, ‘eu de deodorant’ is what you should go for, and there are plenty of brands offering your favorite smells in the deodorant format that will last you the whole day. Davidoff’s Cool Water is only one of the options.
Never, but Never Let Your Perfume Overpower You
Each perfume is different; some are mild and delicate, others like to dominate the air around them. It is never good to smell as if you have bathed in your perfume; Cleopatra had her reasons, but those are not for this day and age. You may smell pretty, but nobody wants to soak in floral or woody or musky fumes from your desk. Besides, studies have proven that your natural scent can work more wonders for you than anything from an assembly line. So always go for a subtle fragrance.
Wear it Right : Where you dab your perfume is as telling on you as the scent you choose. Never spray it on your clothing; besides leaving unsightly marks behind, it is just simply not done. Hold the bottle at a suitable distance and spray onto your wrists; contrary to popular perception perpetuated by the movies, you do not rub your wrists together – that destroys the top notes. Rub your finger on the bottle nozzle and apply the perfume behind your earlobes. Spray some on to your neck and cleavage and you’re all set. For added drama, you could spray the air and walk through it to ‘absorb’ the perfume – it ensures that you are almost literally enveloped in your perfume!
So go ahead and floor everybody with your perfumed aura that is certain to make your presence felt the right way.

A piece of art: Valuable gifting idea from long-term perspective!

With stock market in a tailspin, people are looking to build a more diversified portfolio of investments that will cushion them against such random and rapid falls in equities. Indeed, stock markets world over have turned topsy-turvy in recent times as the indices have become hyper-sensitive to inflation, recession and any negative macro or micro-economic clues. Experts are advising investors to stay away from the stock markets, and rightly so!

Art as a Gift
It may be that one of your friends or family members have burnt their fingers in the stock market meltdown. Can you provide them with some succour? Do you want to suggest them an alternative avenue to park their hard-earned money to safeguard and grow it? Is there a way to assured wealth building in these uncertain times? Well, you need not harangue them on risk-free investing. What you need do is just buy a nice piece of art, and gift it to them. It’s bound to fascinate them. Then draw their attention to the fact that many high net worth individuals and non resident Indians are putting their money in art!

Art is now viewed not only as an object of pleasure but also as an attractive asset to hold. Especially, Indian art is emerging as a safe investment option, making it a valuable gift from long-term perspective. What better way of making your friends or family drawing to value investing in art than gifting them a piece of art? What thousand words can’t do, a piece of art will!

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Discover and share the joy of gifting a book!

The singular aim of celebrating World Book and Copyright Day (WBD) is to encourage masses to explore or discover the immense joy hidden in books, which are ultimate treasure troves of knowledge. The celebrations are for cultivating the habit of book reading by providing the people with the opportunity to own a book of their own.

Gift a Book

World Book and Copyright Day celebrations start in March. The day is marked on March 6 in the UK and Ireland. (This date applies to the UK & Ireland only). This is just a precursor to the worldwide celebrations that happen more than a month and a half later, on April 23, when the official World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated in most other countries, including India.

The initiative is well established in the UK schools. The academic circles make the most of this opportunity for celebrating books and reading. Schools in India – children and especially parents – need to follow suit. For e.g., instead of gifting expensive toys on birthdays, parents and relatives should gift books to children.

Of course, buying a book needs some thought and planning. You cannot just pick any book, get it wrapped and hand it over as a gift. You need to select an author or genre that the receiver likes. If you succeed in finding this out, it will add a personal touch to your gesture. While dealing with delegates or clients from abroad, a coffee table book about your country will be a perfect gift idea.

You may look for attractive offers from leading bookstores like Crossword that has on offer gift vouchers. The gift vouchers can make the perfect gift idea. They are available in various denominations you can choose from, depending on your budget. You need not redeem the entire voucher value at a time, and can do so in part, over several visits. Many other leading bookstore chains, including Landmark and Granth among others, have similar attractive offers for book lovers.

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A Brief History Of International Women’s Day: The Day To Acknowledge Their Contribution And Achievements

international womens day women all around world international womens day

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since in the early 1900’s – a period of great expansion in the industrialized and business world. At that time, great unrest as well as critical debate was occurring amongst females.

Their fight against inequality and oppression was gathering momentum. It spurred many women to become active and vocal in this concerted campaign for change. In 1908, about 15,000 women marched through New York for their demand of better pay, shorter hours and voting rights.

In accordance with the Socialist Party of America declaration, the first National Woman’s Day (NWD) was celebrated across the US on 28 February. The US continued to celebrate the occasion on the last Sunday of February till 1913.

At a Socialist International meeting held in Copenhagen, an International Women’s Day was proposed to acknowledge their rights movement and to help them in achieving universal suffrage.

In 1917, on the last Sunday of February, women in Russia started a strike for ‘bread & peace’. Despite opposition from political leaders, they continued with their strike till the Czar was forced to abdicate; the provisional Government granted the right to vote to women.

The date the strike commenced was Sunday (23 February) on the Julian calendar then being used in Russia; this day on the Gregorian calendar was 8 March, now marked as the International Women’s Day.

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Gift giving etiquettes in France

Let’s understand the ways of giving and receiving gifts – business or personal – in France. There are certain unstated conventions of selecting and presenting an appropriate gift in the country. The first thing to be kept in mind is that pompous display of generosity and warmth amid business associates through lavish gifts is unwarranted in France’s business culture. Though giving and receiving gifts is acceptable, you should exercise discretion. Even though gifts are given during social events, especially as a thank-you gesture after a dinner party, don’t get too fussy about its price tag. It need not be very expensive or showy.

French Shirt

Give thoughtful gifts like esoteric books and music collection that the recipient will like and appreciate. For this, you need to be familiar with the recipient’s tastes and interests. Any ethnic object, for example, a piece of art and craft or a coffee table book about your country will be a good gift idea.

One common mistake to avoid is tagging your business card with a gift since it goes against the French business etiquette.

If invited to a French home, carry quality chocolates, a special French dessert, high-quality liqueur or lovely flowers. Remember, chrysanthemums are for funerals. A gift of carnations may be interpreted as a sign of bad will. (Ensure that the bouquet is in odd numbers, in keeping with the old European tradition.) Don’t forget to send a personal thank-you note along with flowers or a basket of fresh fruit to your host the next day.

Holiday cards can be an appropriate gesture, particularly as an expression of sincere gratefulness to your business associates. Sending New Year’s greetings is another popular practice in France. This can be done during the entire month of January, i.e. first month of the New Year.

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What better occasion can there be than the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day to give a gift?

This is an occasion for people all over the world to think positive from their heart and do something really worthwhile for at least one individual or organization. It’s a day for you and me to think and act in a truly positive manner and reach out to someone, and do something good.

The Be Positive Do Something Positive Day on March 1, 2008 will be all about starting your day with a positive idea, thought or prayer and also helping others do the same so that they can spend their day in a positive manner. Giving gift is one obvious thing that we spontaneously do to display and share our happy feelings.

The day is about such lovely gestures when each & every one of us is prompted to think positive and doing at least one small positive thing, that is ‘paying it forward’. Can you think of the results if all of us join together and actively take part in this noble movement of doing something positive for each other?

The significance of being, feeling and sharing positive vibes need not be overemphasized here. In fact, scientific research has proved that individuals who experience happiness in their daily lives have healthier levels of key body chemicals than those who harbor unhappy feelings. Obviously, happier people tend to have healthier hearts and cardiovascular systems, also probably reducing the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Researchers at London based University College in a study have linked ‘everyday happiness’ with much healthier levels of vital body chemicals like the stress hormone cortisol. According to clinical psychologist Jane Wardle, involved in the research, laughter is the best medicine. The research establishes a definite link between positive emotional feelings with good health.

Gifting is one way of becoming yourself happy and making someone else happy. What better occasion can there be than the Be Positive Do Something Positive Day to gift something worthwhile?

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