Exclusive gifts with a low cost

Selecting an usable, acceptable and yet, exclusive gift need not be an expensive exercise. Practical considerations do demand an economic caste system, and gifts of different value and design are slotted for different levels and for different target markets, say dealers, or multinationals.

Even at junior levels and in the less sophisticated markets however, customers prefer exclusivity and novelty. They are more likely to appreciate a box of dates with almonds ensconced within than chocolate barfi, or a Rs30/- Chinese clock instead of a classic leather covered address book. As a result, old, traditional items like diaries and table top items have gone on the hit list.

‘How many paper weights and diaries is someone going to use anyway?’ asks Sethi,(Giftex) relating an anecdote of a pharmaceutical company which presented a doctor with a diary. The doctor told the representative to keep it for himself.

While choosing the right gift is important, how you give it is a vital aspect, because gifting is not just about brand recall, it’s about people (probably why corporate, specially BPO’s, are going in for internal gifting in a big way)

Corporate Gifting as a social responsibility: Charity begins at home

Corporate Gifting as a social responsibility: Charity begins at home

Corporate houses have realized that the society requires business houses to steer unprivileged individuals with better education and healthy living conditions. As a social responsibility, corporate houses are beginning to create gardens, make road repairs, build schools, build colleges and connect to the social citizen directly. This helps in branding the corporate identity and helps improve the social conditions universally.

Corporate gifting helps a society ‘evolve’ comprehensively by building a strong community of volunteers that take care of the urgent needs of society.

Especially during conditions when a person requires monetary help for medical operations and surgery, online corporate giants such as MSN, yahoo, and others such as IBM gift people with the necessary financial and emotional support.

Corporate gifting to society helps multiply the benefits and can also be marked as a fruitful investment that will benefit the corporate houses themselves over a long period of time.

Wine: A Premium Gift For The Royal Corporate


Corporate gifting, especially to achieve a company’s relationship building objectives, has taken a new dimension.

Clients are always special and they always deserve a special gift.

There can be nothing more special than gifting a premium wine bottle that adds value to making a business deal within corporate circles.

Since the number of wine lovers is growing at a tremendous rate, wine is leading the list of corporate gifts. Corporate gifting has taken a new leap and is used as a means of branding a company’s image.

Many corporates when gifting a wine bottle add the company logo tag with a personalized message that ensures that the company receives due credit for the same. Along with gifting a wine bottle, many corporates add crystal-ware, gourmet foods and other wine accessories to the gift basket.

Nitin Goel, Sales Director, Tribalware says:

“Nothing beats a good wine bottle, wrapped in hand-made paper and packed in a bamboo basket with a couple of neatly-packed wine glasses as a corporate gift.” (Source: Economic Times).

“Besides providing the perfect blend of informality even amidst ceremonial relationships, a gift of wine symbolizes a celebration of sorts too… which most other gifts can’t match” he concludes.

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