Importance Of Giving Good Gifts

The recently launched Cadbury “Tohfa Laya” campaign which talks about how the same gifts keep getting interchanged with each other and the fact that as indians we tend to keep passing on gifts which we may not like.
View the video below to better understand what I mean.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube]

I am sure we all at some point have done this and some of us still do this with the gifts we don’t like.
Coming back to the corporate gifting aspect, the ad just shows how important is it to give the right gift. If we cannot accept remotely bad gifts from our good friends and relatives then how can we accept bad gifts from corporations.
A bad gift goes in the Auto Forward mode, it keeps passing on. Some may say that its good for the brand that it keeps getting passed on, but one doesn’t realize that with every time it gets forwarded, a consumer knows your brand and will always remember it, BUT for the Wrong Reason. Users will never want to associate themselves with the brand that offers cheap or poor quality.

Therefore the importance to give good corporate gifts to your employees, suppliers, customers etc. i came across this article which said explains the improtance of giving.

“Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.”
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1855-1919, Poet and Journalist.

Start Thinking and Get Winning!!


If You Think you know exactly what to give and how to give corporate gifts, Here is a chance for you to win BIG!

Giftex Blog is running a unique contest for all marketers, distributors and any one concerned with gifting. Giftex is giving an opportunity to marketers and sales people to showcase their talent for which they will be rewarded. The contest goes like this…

You have to come up with original, attractive and feasible corporate gifting ideas and submit it to us; and if your idea is among the best, YOU WIN!

The universe of gifts and gifting ideas is limitless. Corporate gifting has always been used in the business world, conventional give away such as office stationary, mouse pads, photo frames, mugs, folders or desktop watches customized with company logos or employee name have long been used by companies to create excitement amongst employees, distributors and clients.

But in this dynamic business world, the more diverse your selection of corporate gifts is, the better is the response of your clients. In recent times, newer alternatives such as gift meal vouchers, tickets to live concerts, spa treatments are becoming very popular.
In order to build and maintain business relations it is quintessential to keep the client in mind. One has to be very thoughtful in deciding what to give and when to give.
In order to be above the rest, it has become a customary practice of gifting creative gifts to the various stakeholders of a business.


Here are a few examples to get your imagination running.

1. The importance of corporate gifting has caused an upcoming pharmaceutical company to devise an effective way to familiarize doctors with their new products, they courier an attractively packaged ‘candy’ basket for the doctors along with new product literature & samples. They are thus able to quickly generate strong recall.

2. Telecom service providers are also playing the strategic corporate gifting game! They woo their customers with goodies like sports shoes, gym bags and watches with their company logos or brand colors on new connections or card refills, thus serving as effective promotional tools.

3. Companies are gifting Health Gifts to their employees by sending them to spas to rejuvenate themselves, enrolling them in health clubs in order to keep in shape.

Though corporate gifting is a good concept, it is not an easy task to do and even a slight mistake can make you lose a valuable client.
THUS, from above we see the importance of corporate gifting and we also realize that business gifting and business go hand in hand.

This is a chance for you to explore the unexplored. Come up with pioneering and practical Corporate Gifting Idea, and win amazing prizes!!

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