Quick tips to select economical, albeit quality gifts

Although there’s a wide variety of corporate gifts available in the market, brand managers need to select the one which will meet parameters like promotional value, utility, quality and most importantly, costing. It is pertinent to know some of the key norms – dos and don’ts of corporate gifting – generic or those given on special occasion- so that they leave behind a pleasant memory. Here are a few tips that will enable you to select the most economical, albeit quality gifts:

  • Corporate gifting has been transformed more into an art than a mere academic exercise. A truly thoughtful gift is the one that strikes a chord with the recipient; the one that reflects your conscious efforts in selecting, packing and presenting it. Its true worth cannot be judged by the price tag alone. What indeed makes a gift valuable is your genuine emotions attached to it!
  • A ubiquitous item can be blended with the tastes and choice of the person you are going to present it to. Your thought and sentiments should reflect through the gift to make it a meaningful gesture. For example, you can pick a ready-to-wear stretchable t-shirt or a fitness gadget for a youthful and dynamic executive. Such a gift will perfectly suit the person.
  • Take some effort to find out what your friend or colleague has been keen on buying. This may well be a book title or a favorite DVD currently missing from his or her collection. If the person is a ‘do-it-your-self’ type, get a mechanical or electronic utilitarian item. You may gift a collection of soothing songs or challenging puzzle games that will help him or her unwind. It will come in handy for recreation or relaxation.
  • The gifting product you pick should meet your client’s status and position. Another important criterion for choosing a corporate gift is its utility. Promotional products like desktop articles, pens, t-shirts, bags are most effective because of their utility to a broader category of people like housewives, professionals, students and so on.

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